[For Sale] Basic Trials Uni, AB, Canada

i’m sorry,
this isn’t ebay. I’m sorry to snag this from under your nose, but i was there first.

I really didn’t, and still don’t mean any hard feelings whatsoever.

O, it is is it?
I think your thinking of ebay, and if you are, then he just used the buy it now feature to pwn you.
Categories - Unicyclist.com go there, under the trading post part it says:
“Unicycles and unicycling equipment for sale or wanted.”
It says nothing about bidding.

In this thread Gilby said the Trading post is for:

Okay, you have a valid point that you were supposed to bid on this uni because it says
“$270CAD, $230US OBO”
OBO meaning Or best Offer in this case.
Well either way abbabibble PM’d and Emailed the seller before you so therefore he deserves the right to buy this uni(which is the main purpose for this part of the forums.) And, you have no right going in here and calling someone you don’t know a dirty name because they got here and bought the unicycle before you.

Either way, you just got pwned.

+1 1/2

Sorry, but this beast has been taken by abbabbible el “Bibblerator”.