For Sale: Alex DX32 Rim 20"

Ive got an Alex DX32 Rim in 19". Its a silver/grey colour. I will post pics soon. Its not bent. Its got a few small scratch’s. Nothing noticable. Also its 36 hole.

Im asking $35. And you pay shipping.



Ok here is a photo…There is only shop wear on it.


rim small.jpg

i thnk it is 35mm wide.

wait i guess i know why its called the DX32 sorry.

maybe you should do a tiny bit of research before posting widths?

Oh ya…sorry

is it 19" or 20"? you aren’t very clear as your description and thread title say different things.



oh man i would have boughten it if it was 20 : (

boughten isnt a word is it?
i would have purchased?

Oh man, if I had the cash, best bet this would be sold.

I hate not having a job.

ok this is it…$20 firm

well its $20 now

Nobody wants a rim?

What a shame. Alex rims kick so much ass. Super strong.

exactly, someone should buy it.


come on wait a bit. patience. I’m sure somebody will want one. Hell i would have bought it if i wanst in the uk.