For Sale: Alex DX32 Rim 20"

haha okay

It’s tempting but I think shipping would be as much as the rim.

How far are you from Kingston. Let me know so I can come and get this rim…

You couldnt drive here for how much the shipping

Free shipping??? :roll_eyes:

uhhh no

its still $20


me building trials wheelset!! me wanty!! total wheelset price with KH cranks+hub would be…under $200!!(stupid spokes)

how much would shipping be to some random place in colorado? OOOOK?

with that rim?
that is a 20" rim. you need a 19" rim if you want a trials tire(20*2.5) on it

It is a 19".

Still $20 if someone is intrested.

ill get back to you on that soon…i don’t really want to end up buying spokes…

your unicycle

ill buy it off of you is it the off road type and can you send me pics
thanks alot!

Hi,How can I get hold of you so I can see it and probably buy it? My name is Ethan and my phone # is 905 775 3964.

You know that this thread is from 2007 right?

The rim may still be out there, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.