For Sale: 19" Uni w/ Profile hub

I have a used 19" trials uni for sale. I’m asking $350. Its In great shape.
Features: Profile Hub/ Cranks, 19" Alex Dx 32 Rim, Round United frame, Miyata seat w/ black cover and stiffener plate, right handed reeder handle, rienforced miyata seatpost. For an extra 20" I can powder coat the frame any of the following colors: Pink, Lime Green, Orange, Purple, Light Blue, White, Red, Clear Coat, or a fade of two of the those colors, or a fade to black. I’ll be posting a picture of it tommorow, in its current color (light blue), and if I get a definate buyer I’ll post a new pic of it in whatever color they want it.

rats, i wish i would have known about this b4 i had my trials uni built up…

PM sent

Didn’t you just sell a 16ner with a profile hub?

Normally I’d jump on this, but I don’t have the money now.

na i haven’t sold anything else…unfortunately

can you put pictures of it on here please

do you think it will fit a 26’ inseam?

this thread is ooooold.
He powder coated and sold this uni just recently if i remember right.

that sucks


Ok somebody needs to go ahead and buy this…you know u want it!

My offer to buy the handle still stands, justin.


“as it is” would be fine.

this thing still for sale?

I don’t think so.

so i didn’t remember right.
sue me.

26 feet?! Whoa you are tall, dude…:stuck_out_tongue:

Kindof like the KH 20’ Trials uni. :smiley:

Hey he would be perfect for the the KH 20’ Trials uni. :smiley:

Ahh so that first one did go through. Damn computer.

Ahh so that first one did go through. Damn computer. a