For Sale: 19" Uni w/ Profile hub

pm sent!


ok so if anybody just wants the wheel off this, then i’ll do that. i’m still selling the whole thing though too. so buy it. now. no really. oh ya it $250 fer just the wheel.

Or not.

If you actually want to sell this thing
(rather than attempting to get in shape by bumping the thread a lot)
post pics.

if you want to buy it, then ok. if you are trying to boost your post count, thats what MR is for.

but their is the picture. well used but in great shape

yeah um i did post pics

ya there is definatley pics at the begining of the thread

Hey is ti still for sale?

yeah as far as I know. What do you want to see how much you could get for it even though your not actually wanting to buy it:p.

he just wan’t to see how much everything is worth incase he wants to sell it. He dosen’t care about buying.

I might sell my uni to a cousin. So I am searching for a new one. :sunglasses:

Why not just tell your cousin to get a new one. Like the nimbus trials with moments.

Because he doesnt want to pay duty because we live in Canada and he has a budget.

he is based in california, so you might have to pay duty for that. not sure though. and yes it is till for sale

My mom said there probably wouldnt be duty on a used item from the US

:slight_smile: But I want a wider rim so forget it.

i dont really know. if you are seriously interested let me know and i can pass the message on to justin

whats with people hating on the best rim ever?

I dont dislike it its just i want a wider rim

alex rims pawn.

w00t me wanting wheelset…hmm…