[For Sale] '05 Onza Trials

This uni is in new condition. There is not even any scratches on it. Perfect!
I’m asking $340 + Shipping.

Here are more pictures.

You must be mad, why on Earth would you want to sell that? Or do you already have one?

Indeed, why are you selling it? Is it in the condition as shown in the pictures? Where would you be shipping it from? How much does it weigh? How long are the cranks, in centimeters? How many splines, ten?


I came across an "05 KH. I went for the aluminum frame. Really it wasn’t much of an upgrade. They have the same Crank Hub set.(140’s) They are 36 Spline. The condition is as in the pictures. There is not a single scratch anywhere on this uni. Very little use as I mostly ride Coker and Muni. I’m in Virginia 22939 zip.

Oh yeah weight is according to my shipping scale - 13.22 lbs

haha so u finally put the good cranks and hub on it




oooh… i’m seriously considering this… its either this or a Qu-Ax offa udc…

Dude, this is a totally different uni. The other was a 24. Please don’t post if you have no interest.

wow dude calm down… a friend of mine was actaully considering buying a new uni… the way ur tlaking it wont be urs trust me

What the hell?

Anyways, someone needs to buy it… Phil gets the DK seal of approval.

If anyone is interested PM me. I won’t keep this thread open with idiots like maxis.