Perfect Onza Trials FOR SALE

Here’s the thread -

very very tempting… but i will have to painfully pass as i feel like this would be too big of a jump in terms of gear for me… [currently own a torker cx, would like to do light trials and street and am looking at either the new dx 20" or a deal on the qu-ax 20" splined trials]

very tempting in deed… i have about 3/4 of the moeny… maybe if you could holf it till christams… if not thats cool to


I have another trials so this one is getting no use. If it’s still here it will be in same condition.

Do those cranks have the ankle busting protrusion on them? The KH cranks have zero Q and with the ankle buster protrusion can really do some damage. Those cranks look like they have some Q. Any way that you could post a close-up photo of the crank-axle region?

They do have a Q, They are the very same as the '05 KH.
I’ll check to see what pics I have.

They have 1/2" of q-factor, and i can’t say they have any ankle biters either.
I might as well offer some pictures of my onza trials uni!

Here’s the repair for the older KH ankle biters. I just did it on this new Summit. Just trim down the prutruding area and use '04 KH bolts.

Thanks for the photos. I’ve done a similar mod to one of the KH trials unicycles. The Onza cranks look like they indeed have some Q but it still looks like the bolt cuffs could rack your ankle bones. Maybe there is enough Q that you are protected.

I thought so too. But asked around before I bought, the word was no bloody ankles. My personal experience has shown the same from the '05 KH/Onza.

No ankle problems with the KH/Onza, and it’s really strong. I’d get it but I already have a trials.

I get the occasional bash on the ankles from by 04 Onza trials and my 05 KH Muni. However I got myself a pair of dually’s last week so no more of that.

I too have been riding on 03 Onzas for a year and a half now and have yet to have any ankle biters.

I found my tube-end-cap, lost it while riding a miunte just before i took the picture, refound it afterwards…

They don’t come loose often, twice in 3 months i think… But both was probably because i repainted it…


Really? I lost both of mine in less than a year. My first one within a month. Then again, I ride 1 footed and wheel walk a lot.

I ment not that they pop out spontaneisly (Spelling? ;)… I’ve had mine for 3 months and this was the first time… the other time was on my muni…

It’s kind of stupid to have them at all, i think i should glue them on instead.