Floating images

I shot this short video about two weeks ago when I spotted some “eerie” looking trees on my way to the beach. I quickly set up my [I]“Uni-cable-cam” /I. It really highlights the super-smooth tracking, with a few effects added to augment the surreal looking landscape. :smiley:

Awesome! I don’t know the last time I saw MUni seem so, “elegant”. lol The footage was nice and you faked me out a couple of times; I thought for sure the video camera was gonna hit some of those trees! Once again great job and I enjoy your new way of filming.

Can I take this to mean that you’re working on a Muni movie for the Hallmark channel?

Thanks. I made this basically to highlight the uniqueness of the filming technique. The riding is totally secondary. I used slo mo to give it a '“dream-like”, surreal quality. :slight_smile:

Haha I wish! that would be some $eriou$ moneya! :stuck_out_tongue:

, I finally went ahead and posted PICS OF MY UCC in this thread. Have a look at post #2. :slight_smile:

Wow, a Terry vid I actually enjoyed :o

Haha, one out of 195 ain’t bad! It’s always nice to get a thumbs up from one of the toughest critics on the Uni forum! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh pffffffff I am not :stuck_out_tongue: Just can’t expect me to like your other 194 vids cause their basically all the same. I generally like most uni videos, aslong as theres effort put in.

The “same”? haha I respectfully and ardently disagree. They is a wealth of variety in each one, including comedy bits, store ride throughs, coker MUni-even 36er kick up mount!, drops off of just about every imaginable object, includung newspaper stands, fedex boxes, a 7’ tractor, etc., a 7’ coker drop to sand, and of course, my UCC videos, and on and on.

I truly doubt that you could make that statement if you actually did view all of my nearly 200 videos, lol. But no problem. I’m happy that you like at least one! :slight_smile:

But in a way it is understandable to a certain degree, especially if you prefer one type of riding to another. Like a person who may not like flat very much…to him or her, all the tricks look the same and done ad-nausium they feel it can get repetitive and boring…in other words, looks the same as all the rest. Not my opinion, but some people may feel that way.

Btw, do you have a video of yours that I could watch? Just curious.

Lol, your videos are… ahaha, generally about the same thing and I don’t really like your humour is all. No offense. I’m also not a muni fan unless its as aggresive as more advanced riders. Same goes for your trials. But yeah, I really like the style of filming in this, makes anything fun to watch.

This is probably my fave video, from myself,

Exactly my point in my previous post ^. But just as MUni is my favorite type of riding, I still appreciate all the other disciplines, and the hard work and dedication that goes into perfecting skills, and making each video. I liked your video btw. :slight_smile:

And I do feel that my MUni style is pretty darned aggressive and advanced, for any age, let alone being almost 54. It’s one thing to ride full bore down mostly smooth trail, but we’re talking advanced, ROCKY high-tech terrain, which I just love for the added challenge. Once more:


I replied to your post before you edited it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats cool, you like what you like, I certainly don’t give you an extra points for your age. I don’t believe being old makes someone more extreme lol. But good on you.

I guess what I ment was, I like fast paced technical muni?

Well, I don’t think a 54 year old, no matter his strength, fitness and skill, could ride at the same level as someone in their prime 20’s! Just as I won’t be able to rid with the same level of skill at 80 as I do now. I’d like to believe I could, but ultimately, age and the ravages thereof, catches up with even the greatest athletes.

And the fastest paced MUni is mostly done on smoother single track, north shore-type and DH hard pack. It can have some bumpy sections, but you’re just not going to ride it as fast on ultra technical, all rock terrain like in the pic below, which is far more technical and steep than it looks! Btween me an the guy on the bike is jagged rock spiking up that you cannot really see in the pic.

They call this section “stairway to hell”, and for good reason! When I was there in this pic, very few seasoned mtbrs could clean it! I was lucky enough to have cleaned the whole section. You just couldn’t bomb the heck out of it while doing so. There’s also something about “feeling” every bumpy outcropping as you’re making your way down the line. It makes me feel a connection to the trail and that I’m really working it. Kinda like if you’re in too much of a hurry to get from point a-b, you miss a lot of the most interesting little details. That’s why I prefer riding over driving! :smiley:


im really liking the cable cam now terry, i think when you edit the video in a way where it doesnt show the start or the end it gives it a nice flow.

now i think to really capitalize on this new style of filming you need to mix it in with regular shots. Switch it up a bit, even the most creative fimling style ( like cable cam) can get stale when its all the same thing. And i am taking into consideration that this video was just to show the smoothness of the shot.

nice work man.

(I’ve also learned that it’s much more gratifying to enjoy each journey, than being in a hurry to get there. :o)

Thanks Justin. did you see my last UCC video? The one above (“Floating images”) is more than 2 weeks old. Here’s my most recent, which does incorporate UCC with traditional style filming. (Still a few shots that show the rig stopping at the trees, lol, but you get the idea of integration) :slight_smile:


Make a vid like Kris Holm then I’ll compliment you on your riding :stuck_out_tongue:

Muni just really isnt impressive(to me) unless its increeeedibley aggresive.

I, like most, would LOVE to ride like the great KH. He’s the best imo. It would also be great to have his film crew! :smiley: I also just heard from a close friend of Kris, that he’s cutting way back on the more extreme stuff, since his terrible ACL injury. Probably a smart move.
And “aggressive” is a good word to help describe technical MUni riding. But also top flight camera work, excellent form and consistency play a HUGE role as well to the footage.


Im glad youre taking what some of us have been saying and incorporating it into each new video. Its nice to see the technique expand into something really usable and pro looking.

Keep it up. =p

Thanks. I’m always trying to create something different with each new video. :slight_smile:

Surely you’ve seen the collective now? This is the same kinda music and flow they were going for.
nicely done. I like how the camera comes close to the trees. And the line is not visible, making the camera work magical.