Floating images

The “collective”? Haven’t seen that. is it a movie? I shot this sequence rather quickly, and hadn’t planned it; just saw the trees and thought it might be a cool shot.

And because the footage was only about 20-30 seconds long, I slowed it down, then added some music that I thought would fit the mood, and it just seemed to make sense in slo mo.

I originally used the theme to “A clockwork orange”, which really gave it an eerie feel, but YT muted it, so I quickly deleted it, and used the piano piece, which is also in the YT audio swap library, so I knew that one wouldn’t be muted. :slight_smile:

Very dreamy Terry!!! Music and edits fit perfectly.
I think your riding is aggressive on most all of your films and your age does make that impressive to me. Especially since I am in your age bracket.
That is my opinion and I love MUni … other styles as well but for me trees, rocks, hills, mountainsides, grass, snakes, birds, bluffs, rivers, creeks, swails, meadows, cliffs etc make MUni films all the better for my eyes.

Thanks Sean! Good to hear from you; I hadn’t seen any posts from you recently. What you said about why you like MUni goes double for me! With the exception of (mountain) lions, spiders and bears, OH MY! :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue:

the collective is sooo badass, but unless you’ve got a huge budget i doubt anyone here can get close to what and how they filmed.

i know there was some 16mm cam usuage in that one, along with a guy strapped to the pulley system holding the camera.

Yeah, I’d try that, but I don’t think I could fit all that plus the cameraman in my backpack…unless he was really, REALLY small! :stuck_out_tongue: