Flatland Unis

My impression is that most flatland riders use trials unis with shorter cranks and rollo disks (or wide cranks).

How wide spread is the use of flatland specific unis like the KH Flatland? Do any of you use Freestyle unicycles for flatland?

I haven’t found a thread about this topic, if there is one give me a hint for the correct search term, if there isn’t. Otherwise post which kind of uni you use for flatland and why.

I use a flatland unicycle… Unfortunately, some people are under the impression that it is “cheating” to use a lighter unicycle. Personally, I don’t get it… Trials unicycles are designed for trials, munis are designed for muni, and flat unicycles perfectly serve their purpose as unicycles designed for flatland.

That’s a rather surprising assessment in this community. I love this place, because it’s all about tinkering and optimising.

At the NAUCC flat comp, a lot of the guys in advanced were riding flatland unis. I myself was riding one until the day before, when I decided to switch back to a trials wheel.

I find it’s a lot harder to be smooth and stylish with a flatland wheel, unless you’re Eli Brill :slight_smile:

Good on you for looking. But you missed the opportunity to use a meaningful thread title. There are tons of threads about “flatland unis”, though mostly about which one to buy. This one should have been called something like “What makes a good Flatland uni?”

Mostly by people who don’t have lighter unicycles, I presume.

Not to take anything away from Eli, but mostly it’s a matter of what you get used to. Give the other unicycle some more time, and you’ll figure out stuff you can do with it that’s much harder on the heavier uni. :slight_smile:

I did get used to it! I rode it for almost a year. But then I switched back and realized I could land all my tricks easily, and they looked more stylish too.

I ride a trials unicycle, just because I like to be able to ride street or even a bit of trials on a whim. I’ve ridden Eli’s though and it’s really sick for rolls and light to spin.