Flatland question

Why don’t we see any older people, say, over 40, that ride flatland. Or for that matter, street or trials? Does anybody know who is the oldest rider doing any of these disciplines, besides KH, who I believe just turned 36? I’m very curious about it and wonder if there’s any real possibility of becoming good at it, especially flatland, at my age.

Could one reason that we don’t see any (as far as I know) over 40, is that most older riders just don’t have the time to spend learning these specialized tricks because of work schedules, family and other responsibilities, that most younger riders don’t have to worry about, and have lots more free time to spend getting proficient at it?

Or is part of it that most older riders are just not that interested in these types of riding? And of course there’s the question of higher risk of injury for those over 40, who are not as fast to heal, or as “fearless”, as they were at 15! If I decided to start learning flatland, how would I start? try to learn crankflips/rolls, unispins, wraps? What would be a good start point for for someone just getting into it? :o

I’m 46 and for me, I prefer to ride muni, where I can go ride and have fun and get incrementally better, over spending hours trying to learn some trick and still not being able to do it. I think all that stuff is cool and looks like fun, but takes a lot of time to learn. Like you say, I have limited time to ride due to work and family. Now when I was 13, I would spend countless hours learning tricks on my skateboard.

As most know, I am a MUni guy first and foremost, and love 36er riding as well. But I thought it might be fun to try to learn something new, but I also know that it will be very, VERY hard to not only learn flatland, but to get good at it, especially at my “advanced” age, haha. And I’ve got a nice, barely used kh trials uni with an unused tryall tire just sitting in my garage waiting to be ridden, so I figure I might as well put it to use.

I also love a new challenge and think that it is possible, and fortunately I do have the spare time to practice. I just don’t know how to get started, or what to try learning first. If anyone can suggest some of the better video tutorials, I’d really appreciate it! I’m just not sure how to get started. Maybe a list of tricks I need to learn, starting with the most basic, easier tricks, and working up from there. :smiley:

It’s pretty funny to see a thread about Flatland created by you Terry:p Really, I think the reason why “old” people dont ride flatland, street or trials is that like Tucson Uni said, most of you dont have the time we, the young riders, have to ride. It is also a reason why I really like Muni and distance riding.

I can’t wait to see you ride flatland! :smiley:

Oh well then I just HAVE to learn now! I may be an “old dog”, but me thinks I can still learn some new tricks!

Besides, I have the perfect title for me first flatland video:Here come old flatland” [he come, rollin’ up slowly] :sunglasses:

This guy’s 37 and he’s a beast:


Also tmoyer comes to mind.

I don’t think it’s the time constraint that’s limiting everyone, the only example when I could see this being a factor is if you unicycle for purely practical purposes (commuting). Otherwise you can pick and choose how much time you put into unicycling, and what discipline you focus on.

Flatland, street, and trials are usually a lot more dangerous than other styles, and I think the risk appeals more to younger riders, as we’re more willing to ride aggressively despite the danger. If you aren’t willing to do this, then the learning curve will be slow as well, and that probably further puts off most older riders. And tricks are for kids, right?

Following that logic, Cukoo for Cocoa Puffs also. :smiley:

I think one of the reasons why Trials, Flat and Street appeal more to the younger crowd is because they don’t have drivers licenses. This is not meant as a joke but is truly one of the factors in making these forms of riding more viable to riders who can’t go where they want. I have to drive at least half an hour to get to the nearest decent trail. I also often drive to the places where I do road riding (lame, I know, but I do).

That’s not the only reason, just one factor.

For Terry, I would point out that in the video above, Chao does very little of what I would call high impact tricks. No flips or major shin-threatening stuff! And a well-put-together video also, I might add. Or am I just a sucker for James Bond music?

oh yes, believe me, it IS the limiting factor (one of them - for me). If you will be able to ride 30min per day it’s just a lot. And with this time, you will never(?) be able to become a good flat or trial rider…
just my 2c (from an older rider over 45)

Like Julia said: Tmoyer, I think he has an 82cm sidehop and can hickflip?
He always sets hard stuff in OTG too :smiley:

Ooh, good question. I’m 26 and mainly a MUni guy, and I’ve been trying to learn some of the flat/trials stuff. I’m getting there but it’s taking a long time, especially with only an hour’s riding per day (if I’m lucky).

I often wonder if the sight of a grown adult doing this stuff would look odd, so I think Terry should set an example and prove once and for all that tricks aren’t just for kids! :smiley:

Flatland, street and trials riding are all very intriguing to me but I don’t pursue them for myself. At this point in life I just think I have more to lose than gain from it. If I put in the work I will still never be as good as the younger riders who came up riding this way but am likely to suffer injuries in the process. If I didn’t have responsibilities it might be different. As it stands I am not ready to tell a client that I can’t come to work after all because I smashed my face practicing crankflips. That is pretty much the bottom line.

Muni provides me with a great workout and a satisfying challenge at less risk.

Having said all of that, if any of us can break into the street game from this side of the hill it would be you Terry!

oooh, turtle too, not sure how old he is, but his big street video was pretty immense! :slight_smile:
Terry, you could give backrolls and 180 unispins a go? :smiley:

I dug up the video! He’s 37 according to the forum, and this was posted in March this year:


There’s some really good stuff in there - crankflips, unispins, big grinds, and of course that insane-o massive drop!

I’ll give it the old college try!

Good call. I watched a couple really good tutorials on backrolls, and so I think I will start there. What I really like is how you can learn 3-4 tricks and then you can start doing countless creative combos with them! Btw, what’s scary about those 37 year olds in the videos posted above, is that I’m old enough to be their father, lol. I only wish I was that young! The difference in our ages is higher than the average age of most of the younger flatland riders! :astonished:

hehe, I guess you’re right, but surely it shows you it’s possible for the slightly older to be doing insane stuff?

Well, then it’s time to raise the bar! I don’t think anyone here has any doubt at all that you’d be physically fit and/or brave enough. :wink:

I will say that it’s a pretty uneasy feeling just getting up there like this! I know that I’m in for LOTS of bails during the learning process. Oh well, no pain no gain as they say. At least I have the plastic pedals! :o




Age is just a number Terry! (says me:p)

Yeah, 'cept mine is a friggin BIG number, lol! There’s a few good quotes I’ve heard:

“age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”.

“You’re as young as the women you feel!” (Think Groucho said that haha.):stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: that looks like you’re trying to scuffcoast!
Are you trying to backroll?