[flat] This is Flatland (Jon and Spencer)

New vid from Jon Atwell and me.

Uploaded to unicycle.tv
4:40, 76mb, .mov

The first song is a small piece of a beat made by 12 Cent Dwarf (aka Matt Bunting). If anyone wants an original beat made you can email him or talk to him on myspace.
12centdwarf (at) gmail (dot) com

Wow very nice. But neither of them worked completely for me. They both stopped in the same part. But so far so good. I love the ww to 360 unispin!

Awesome stuff. The unispin to varial wrap and 360 body varial were brilliant.

Oh yeah and I like how smooth the 180 unispins to… crankrolls (?) were. Which happened to be the last thing that loaded before it stopped. I guess Ill watch the rest tomorrow.

Awesome vid guys. What camera do you dudes use?

Can you put it on youtube? Quicktime plays super jerky for me…


me also…

Yeah! This is really flatland!
Best flat-vid ever. All tricks were so much cleaner than in your
previous vid (spencer). Great job!

Edit: Is “Clean” John’s middle name?
I didn’t see any extra hops in his part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah me too

quite amazing guys. gives me a lot of ideas. I was wondering when u would finally get that 360 body varial lol. im gona try that 2day, i didnt think of starting it seat in. ill probably fail but w/e lol. very nice, very clean, very original.

Awesome stuff. 360 body varial :astonished: also loved the way thos 360 unipsins into the rolling wraps look.

Jon your 270 combos are so clean.

Very jealous, guys.

the fact that i cant even see this video is upsetting…it sounds awesome…ARGGGGGG…im gonna try anothercomputer

Incredibly sexy! Blew my mind in a very non-figurative way. I especially dug Spencer’s 180 uni-can to whatever the hell you call those wheel-walky things…
flat names are all a bit too confusing for me! Great stuff.


Hey, very good video, really enjoyed the new flatland tricks.


OH! MY! GOD! :astonished: Coolest flat-vid ever :smiley: Jon, you must have the cleanest riding I’ve ever seen (except for Dan Heaton!) and Spencer, your combos are mind-blowing :astonished:

Whoa I was on a different computer and it worker, but still upload it to youtube please so I can add to my favourites :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

But wow you guys are so much smoother than your previous videos! And editing was great!

Spencer you ride low air preasure I saw!

Awesome work!


wow that was so great. i loved it. Spencer what do you call that 360 body varial thing? it looked to me like an inward 360 small spin. or somethin.

Thanks everyone

I use a panasonic pv-gs320. I don’t know what Jon uses, maybe he will post soon. Ignoring camera differences my footage is higher quality because Jon exported his clips, sent them to Enzo, then Enzo edited it and exported it again and then sent it to me so by the end Jon’s clips had been exported 3 times and mine had only been exported once.

Its just supposed to be a 360 body varial. Sometimes it really looks like there is a unispin in there because I have to kind of throw the seat backwards so the uni comes back to facing forward (or almost forwards;)).

I will probably put it on youtube later, I would prefer if everyone watched it on unicycle.tv though.

For me, it only works in Quicktime, and for only like 30 seconds :frowning:

Wow, one the best videos I have seen. Both of you have improved so much. And I really liked the editting.