{Flat/Street/Trial} New Medium


Watch in HD:




Fantastic editing, that was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy well out together. Loved it! Greating riding to, @ 0:48 :astonished: thats awsome :smiley: Gap at 2:16 was huge!

Funny vid!
Editing and riding always good!

Raphael Poham.

Where do I start… I think it’s obvious, that you are now one of the top riders, up there with a Krisz and Adrien in my opinion.

Your style is sooooo refreshing to watch, and your editing is impeccable. I see not only an amazing future ahead of you for unicycling, but for video as well. I can really see you making it big man.

Thanks for sticking with unicycling, you really are setting the bar high, I hope to never see you stop. Just imagine in a few years. :o

Dang, I just pooped myself thinking about you in a few years.

Thanks for all the tips you’ve given me, you’re a champ dude.

Dudes, that was so sweet, I loved the feel and flow of the filming and editing. Awesome riding and awesome film making!

What camera are you using?

Another awesome edit. Loved your tricks aswell Raph. Elias’s trials was really smooth and that last grind was oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorsim.

Wow !!! What a nicely edited and well put together video. Filming was top-notch. Riding was excellent. Really enjoyed that, well done !! :slight_smile:

Sweet, how many stairs were those handrails?

Everything about that was awesome. Was that your 550D?

Great stuff! Seriously, best edited movie I’ve seen yet. I think I might put Adobe Premier back on one of my computers.

Great riding too!

Awesome! I liked the trials line at 1:40 and the stack on the handrail looked pretty brutal

I really think you are the best at editing unicycle videos. In every new video, the riding and editing flows perfectly with the music. It’s really awesome.

The riding… Incredible. 720 side was so clean! Loved the 900, the fulloutflip, the smooth trials lines, and the rails. Amazing stuff.

so nice edited raphi :wink:
lorenz is getting really good :smiley:

Thanks alot Colby (:

thanks, yeah just the grinds were filmed with my old cam.

the first one was 15sets and the second one 20 ;D

thx man.
canon 550d :wink:

Nice riding and edit. Really enjoyed it!

How is it possible to keep creating such beautiful videos! :astonished: I loved it so much.

Those last two grinds were amazing. I can’t wait until he lands the last one!

Obviously Epic. Epic filming, Epic editing, Epic riding.

Yes, I had to put a capital ‘E’ for each time I used the word EPIC. EDIT: Vimeo?