Flansberrium 32" V-frame


You want to be the second fastest road unicyclist? Then this is for you.

A 32" version of the big #Flansberrium 36" V-frame. I thought I’d build a 32" and get a cool road uni, I just like muni too much and I barely use it.

The specs:
-Fits up to a 32" wheel.
-100mm wide hub, (Schlumpf compatible)
-Disk brake mount on the right (to use with outboard disk)
-27.2mm seatpost/31.8mm clamp
-28.6mm steertube, meaning you can use any standard bike stem for the handlebar setup. (Tube included)
-37.5° angle between front and rear frame.
-375mm clamp to clamp distance.
-Bottle Cage holes on the top tube.

This frame has probably about 200km on it. I rode it with my 29" geared wheel and it was a blast. It needs a better home though!

I could add a disk mount on the left for extra cost before shipping.

Asking 700$ CAD OBO, I can ship anywhere, buyer pays shipping. Located in Quebec Canada.


Would be nice to see this frame in action. Any photos?

This isn’t the same frame, but it’s similar. The pictures will give you an idea of what the V design looks like put together as a full unicycle.

You should probably ask @toutestbon for pictures of its V36 uni. It’s Flansberrium made, too.


Some pictures on the 36" version here. Last year, I broke the 10k race world record with this unicycle (before mounting Martin and Roger’s adapter and the carbon rim). If someone wants to build a G32 with a disc brake on the hub (like my G36), a brake pad needs to be installed on the left side.


Yep, and Jacob said he can do it before shipping the frame:

This uni is such a beast from another world… I wonder if you get any “where is your other wheel?” with it. Or probably they don’t have the time because you’re so fast! :smile:

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I do not have pictures with my setup unfortunatly, but the frame is the same angles as @toutestbon setup. The difference is his is a 36" and the one for sale fits a 32" wheel.

As said in the post, I can add a disk brake tab (or anything else!) before it’s sent!

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@toutestbon I found your frame in action.


How well do you think this would work for touring? I’m thinking full-on uni packing, with a tent and gear, a la Ed Pratt. Seems like it would have room for a decent amount of gear between the seat and bars, but I can’t really picture how knee clearance is going to work with that geometry.


I’m sure you could add a brace across the top of this area and build a custom frame bag to fit, just like a bikepacking setup.

I’m sure you would be OK with the width of the skinny part of the seat or a bit more, so no bulky items there, but it would be a great spot for heavier items if you can make it work.

Like anything else custom I think you would need to prototype and experiment to find the right setup for you. If you do buy this and build a unipacking setup please share pictures!

I just had another thought, a small triangle bag between both the frame crowns and the seat base, then a custom prism bag from the seat front, the front crown and the two close wide handlebar ends. The possibilities are endless.

If you are thinking about unicycle touring a la Ed Pratt you should have a look a Carys website: unicyclegear.com


It has holes on the top tube for a bottle cage, so if you get a bag made for that it could have holes so you can bolt it in to secure it too. I think you could put stuff that needs to be accessed fast in that part!


Exactly… I’m mostly agonizing over tire size and hub width now. This could be amazing for touring.

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