Fisheye Lens HELP

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Okay, so, firstly I have a ‘Sony Handycam HDR-XR520VE’ (if this helps) and I want a (cheapish) fisheye lens for it.

I was looking at this lens (

) but I don’t fully understand what .43x means and whether this will even fit my camcorder (I noticed a little thread near the lens of the camera so I guess the lens need to be a screw in one).

If anyone could help me with what the numbers mean or even give me suggestions as to what they are using at the moment, that would be GREAT! :smiley:


Hey Bro,

I have the exact same lens and almost the same camera.

I’m pretty sure the lens is 37mm, which is what fits on that camera. My camera only has a 30mm filter diameter, so I ended up buying a step up ring, but I’m almost positive you won’t need to do this.

Hope this helps.

Okay Thanks. Yep, you were right - the camera is a 37mm lens size. So hopefully I can talk dad into gettin it for me :smiley:

I want to buy a fisheye for this cam but i have no idea wich one will fit on it. On the front of it there is some wierd numbers f=6.8-34mm 1:35-3.7 i have no idea what that means ^^ i watched a few vids and the only one that i could find who said something about the size said there should be like a 42-40mm or someting.
HELP PLEASE! :slight_smile:

your lens size should be 34mm

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I already got my lens so its all kool

"Camera Magnify Power: 0.43x" from the Amazon ad. I believe what they are indicating there is the amount of magnification you get with that lens. For example, a 1x lens will project an image onto the film plane at actual size (macro lens). A number less than one means it will project stuff onto the film plane larger than actual size, which I guess is what you want with a fisheye. (note: I’m not sure if “film plane” is the correct terminology for a video camera, or even a digital camera–that would be image sensor)

The f would normally be for f-stop; basically the amount of light the lens lets in. But you followed it with mm, which usually refers to the focal length of the lens. Shorter focal length is wider, longer focal length is more of a telephoto.

Feel free to correct me on any of that if it’s not right for video. And somebody figure out how to turn this into a unicycling thread…

ok, does the fisheye jagster posted in the beginning fit on my camera?