First unicycle riding movie!

Hey everyone,

Newbiestreet_37 here, account wasn’t working so I made a new one. I probably forgot my password. Enjoy my movie. I’ve been on and off on it for about 2 and a half months.

Wait… Isn’t that shaun?

Nice vid, “newbie”.

Yea! Shauns BAck, I’m going to watch this vid a couple times!

Yea Sweet! My Names In The Most Awesome Video Ever!!!

yay! really good to see shaun riding again.
sweet vid, lots of awesome flip to slide things, and slide to flip off.

hope your ride with kelly hickman gives you alot of good footage.


I love that video it was just awesome im speechless over that video. :slight_smile:

great vid. I made sure to “save to favorites.” from now on that will be the video I show people who don’t understand why I started uni.

I’ve watched it five times, now i know why I missed his videos, they are so amazing, thats true street.
we just havnt seen anything this amazing for a long time, well, not that anything can compare to it.

Yeah, I was never injuried. I just wanted to surprise everyone with a video. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped. But i’ll make up for it with Kelly H. Expect a great video outta us. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

I saw it say for the last 2 1/2 months, and I thought, wasnt he injured then?
really nice vid shaun this is why your on the KH factory team. Are you sponsored by Bedford to? Who else if any?

That was awesome. I liked the 360 flips, tech grinds are pretty cool.
I thing a lot less people will watch this because of your user name and thread title.

yea, Shaun, go put it out in the REC unicycling thing, with your syco user name, and put some cool title on it. not that street noob isnt a cool name :smiley:

great vid!! That really surprised me. Glad you’re “back”.:slight_smile:

I didn’t open this thread when I first saw the username…
I wouldn’t have seen the vid, if I didn’t find it in another thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah ur tech grinds are pretty neat!!
the crashes look annoying…
do u live out in a desert too cuse it looks very windy were u live…

Haha hilarious. I love it. I wouldn’t have ever watched clicked on this thread I don’t think, but I saw the video on youtube and I was wondering why it wasn’t posted on here and I got suspicious…

And I can’t believe you weren’t really injured. Haha. Wow that’s a long video, I haven’t finished watching it yet…

glad your back nice video

That was great.

I loved the sex change to stall and the trey off the wall.