First suicide mount!

I just successfully preformed a few suicide mounts! :smiley: Did it first time, and I only had one UPD in a whole series!
One tip: Just do it! (it may also be an idea to wear safety gear, but I don’t have any so sod that…)

i like using the sucicide mount after i upd in front of ppl… so there like…wow

so i dont look like i completely stink

I think I’ll use it whenever I can… It’s the 3rd mount I’ve learnt so far. After I can do a suicide mount 9999/10000 times, I’ll learn to do the 180º spin mount. :smiley:

Yea, Suicide is 80% psychological and 20% skill. I can still remember my first time.

Learn the 360 spin to Suicide Mount (QuickTime movie)!

I thought the unicycle was supposed to spin… not you?

that was one of the first really cool tricks i learned. It wasn’t half as hard as it looks. i can do it pretty consistantly now, like 9/10 times or better. and on that there video, i have no idea how he kept the unicycle standing up that long and that still…

How do you get the uni to stand on its own?

You stand it up and then jump on before it has time to fall. :wink:

I learned recently, got it my first try. It’s easy, all you have to do is psych yourself up.

dont you love the feeling of finally nailing a new trick?
its like something just clicks in your head and you have it. It’s the best.
I use the suicide mount all the time.

Definetly a crowd pleaser, once you get the balls to try it it isn’t hard to ace.

That would seem an unfortunate turn of phrase…

i’m totally afraid of crushing my jewels on the seat, lol. i guess the trick is don’t really sit down until you’re sure it’s okay

when i suicide mount im not acutally landing on the seat. i land on the pedals with the seat in between my legs. it prevents the nut smashing.

I always thought the “Suicide mount” was when you jump up on the CROWN to a standing WW. :thinking:

Nope, a suicide mount is just a jump mount but you let go of the uni right before you jump on. The thing you are talking about is just called a jump mount into stand up wheelwalk.

How the heck does he keep the unicycle standing still like that? For me that is the hardest part, keeping the unicycle standing long enough to at least make the jump look good…

Ok thanks for clarifying that! I DL’d a short vid a while back showing a guy jumping up to the crown to a stand-up WW. He called it a suicide mount, so that’s the first time I ever even heard that term.

i love the suicide mount

Be quite Evan! Nobody cares!