Finger unicycle picture... a shoe-nicycle

Here are a couple “finger” unicycle pictures.

It is about 3" tall and looks just like my
real shoe-nicycle.

Ryan Atkins found a bike with feet in a store
near his cottage. I have converted it into
a shoe-nicycle.

Check it out here:

Click on the forward button after viewing the picture for one more showing the actual size.


Some one has too much time…

Sem Abrahams has ridden a life-size shoenicycle. I must have a picture somewhere.

KLaas Bil

If that is a shoe-nicycle, then a finger unicycle would be made with fingers? :astonished:

Darren’s got one, as seen here

I have some pictures of those, but apparently not online. Tom Miller has made several. Most of them had 8 shoes, so we called them 8-footers!