Finally Made one!

Yep, so one day I finally went out and recorded for the whole day and made a video with it. Nothing to big or technical. Just a fun day of riding with some friends.

This is my first uni vid, so all criticism is welcomed. I will be making another vid this spring that will have a lot better everything in it. So any hints and tips I will take into consideration for that vid.

Here’s the video.

Here’s the download link.

YES! thanks you Jerrick

Thanks for the vid. Good job. I enjoyed it.

Where did you find all the pallets?

It looks like you are pretty much into trials. I was hoping I would see you do a few street moves too. Will there be any street in your spring vid?

Next time I am in Spokane we should do some riding!

I will try to get street into my next vid. Specially seeing how I wont have to get all the footage in one day, ill be able to have a lot more options for it. =p

Ill be able to get muni at beacon hill, harder trials spots and lines, freestyle if I learn anything worth filming, and some street too. =p

Ok now im highly envious of the pallet supply I jsut know if I was there id get kicked out in .5 seconds with a misdemenear as well for some reason lol. Us unicyclists are such bad kids…Man that was annoying! Sry. Well dude this vid was pretty great! You got some si static hoppin skillz man!


nice work. that last hop was huge.

that was good man!


Nice clear footage. Thanks for the downloaded version. I can never open those other ones.

Overall a pretty fun vid.

A couple of ideas: what about wearing a helmet when you ride and it would be neat to see some of your uni friends riding on the video as well.

I wanted to get a lot of clips of my friends riding, but once I got done doing a line, I would turn around and miss the line just just did. Ill have to remember next time to film more than I am riding. =p

Thanks for all the comments. :smiley:

i cannot watch it!! :frowning:
i shall have to download when i get home.

How do you manage to find a place that will let you tear apart all those stacks of pallets? I just got kicked out of a McDonald’s and Target parking lot for jumping in theirsnow piles!

By the way, wear a helmet next time. I have witnesed my cousin cracking a helmet in half. we were going down this road in a park and he hit some sand on the edge of the road and did a double sommersault in the air, landed and cracked the helmet in half and his arm was broken in two places.

yeah that is cool , man that is pallet heaven :stuck_out_tongue: where did u find all of those pallets i need to find a place that will let me do that!

any tips anyone?

I can’t view it even with the download link. I can’t right click and save either:(

yeah it doesnt work with firefox, i had to boot win2k and view it with explorer which opened up windows media player

The file is in a windows media 9 format.

Weird why the download link wont work for you. :thinking:

if youre getting kicked out of places just go when theyre closed. i keep getting told to go away from this service station. the stupid guys that works theres says ‘we dont have insurance for you so just go away’ then i start being a smart arse to him:D.

Sweet vid, man!!

That was pretty good, Jerrick.
Was that an LX that you were using for a little while? (I saw the DX, but I couldn’t quite make out the other one)

Nah, the LX wasnt me, that was either my friend Mike, or Donnie.