Films with unicycling in

I am watching Rush hour 3 at the moment, and theres a unicyclist on stage in a club! Its only a bit of juggling and idling though.

Are there any other films with unicycling in, and i dont mean films specifically about unicycling either lol?

There’s a guy on a giraffe in the background of the party scene in Van Helsing.

In the episode of Futurama titled “Leela’s Homeworld,” Bender rides a skinny after he gets dizzy trying to walk it.

i saw that the other day

Some here and here.

What is this, No Search Day?

I was going to enter a wicked, cutting reply to which you had no comeback, could you search for one for me?

I did a search and the result came back with ‘Your mom’.

I shall do another search to counter that one.

Yeah I thought some one would say that earlier actually, I completely forgot to search this time. I usually do though but sorry for any inconvenience caused lol. :smiley:

Futurama hey… I think I may watch that, it must be on the internet somewhere.

and family guy, its in the episode with James Woods in it. :smiley:

Open season - it’s being loaded into a truckT

There is also a reference in simpsons (someone on here uses it as a tag line or something)

Tonights episode of big brother (so i was told) :smiley:

nothing, not even the glimpse of a bunch or stupid people failing to ride a unicycle will make me watch big brother.

And I know its been mentioned in the Simpsons before too, something along the lines of “go and put it in the cupboard along with your unicycle, guitar and crystal radio” well I think its that lol

No one’s mentioning Man on Wire?

Isn’t it something like… Homer to Bart.
Listen son, let that be a lesson to you. If something is difficult to learn, it’s not worth trying. So, put the guitar in the closet beside with the unicycle, the chess set and the crystal radio…

It’s UK Big Brother for anyone that cares.

One of the housemates does have to learn to ride a unicycle as part of their circus task. They they gave him of a rather complex set up of parallel padded rails. So far he’s able to badly pedal along with too much support from rails. Of course he’s complaining about his crotch hurting and is seen to the typical male reach in and pull up that is so common among unicyclists.

2nd part of task is tonight. We’ll see if he’s actually done it.

I know I mentioned this in another similar thread. Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure has a unicyclist pass by when Pee Wee loses his precious bike.

There’s a guy on a giraffe uni in Hatred Of A Minute, he’s on stage in a club, along side someone juggling torches, someone doing fire poi, and someone doing fire staff.

spongebob rides a unicycle…

yeah thats the one lol

Oh cant forget spongebob :smiley:

This may be before your time - but there was a guy riding a unicycle on a New York street in the closing credits of the 70s/80s series Welcome Back Cotter.

I think it was set in New York… anyone remember?