Festive unicycling ornaments

My girlfriend’s brother managed to find this spectacularly useless-but-amazing piece of Christmas tat. The mind boggles about how the designer came up with this…

Have a good Christmas everybody!


That’s ludacris. How can he pedal the thing?

I think I liked the toilet paper thingey more:D

1) With the power of his mind…um sort of.
2) :smiley: What toilet thingy. :smiley:

I think it was posted here a year or so ago. The wooden toilet paper holder, with a wooden unicyclist riding on top of the paper as you roll it off :D. I’ll try to find it

I’m trying to look closer at those pedals.
Are they Wellgos ot DMRs? V8 or V12s?
Are they really suitable for snow riding?

And where’s his helmet?
That hat offers no protection whatsoever.

He’s made out of snow, for god’s sake. If he’s gonna live a short life, let him live it on the edge, if he likes:p

And sorry, I can+t find the toilet paper guy. If anyone knows where the thread might be, please post it

Is that made of glass?

He doesn’t need to, he’s doing a stand-on-seat coast!

Sadly my lovely ornament isn’t very Christmassy, but at least it does show how it’s possible to ride a Kangaroo Coker (The secret is to hang on to a dove to keep your balance!)


Actually it’s sitting in airplane on seat coasting :astonished:

Fair enough - even better!

I like the one on UDC. =p

It’s great:D but it’s nothing compared to the one I’m thinking of. :stuck_out_tongue: Yet, for the life of me, I can’t find it anywhere:o

Some of my ornaments here. I missed some though… To me it’s an ornament if you can hang it. If it has a base (and isn’t meant to be hung) it’s something else. Bric-a-brac, collectibles, dust collectors, whatever you want to think of them as.

I have one of those toilet paper holders, but it’s in the box. I have the paper towel version, but no picture of it handy. There’s a picture of David Poznanter and Bruce Bundy playing with it in one of my old MUni Weekend albums…

Hey John, that’s a nice collection of ornaments! I saw that you still have the ceramic plaque from Unicon IV. I got one like that from getting a second place on the Standard Skill event…. And guess who got first place!!!:wink: Did you still have the trophies?

And speaking of Christmas decorations…… I just recently got this one of a Santa Claus riding on a Coker!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!:slight_smile:

That was my big year; I won all four of the big trophies for the men. That was Compulsory, Standard Skill, Freestyle and Track. They didn’t come apart, which meant that the two I took home each flew as separate pieces of carryon luggage (with T-shirts taped all around them. I still have the Freestyle one. I might have the Track on in a box, or I might have broken it down into the unique parts (they’re big!). The other two were going to be shipped to my parents by Alberto (Ruiz), but they got lost in his warehouse. They turned up a year or two later and apparently he did ship them. My parents took one look and said “What are we supposed to do with these?” Well they’re bloody collectors’ items! My mom still has the little Federacion Unicyclismo Puerto Rico emblem from hers, and I think that’s about it. :slight_smile:

Notice Santa’s Coker looks amazingly like the one Mr. Orange-Man was riding, as well as the clown above. I’ve seen those little unicycles under every tacky clown you can imagine. Rarely you see the more interesting ones, like some of the ones I’ve collected.

I treasure the unique ones, like the Unicon IV plaque, and the dinosaur statue from the 1991 NUM in Chariton, Iowa. They were both Thank You gifts for helping out. I should have taken a picture of the back of the Unicon IV one, which has a nice inscription. Next time.

I should put captions on those pictures. Maybe I will now…

That’s a nice collection you got there, John

I have two of these. Ones carrying shopping the other is carrying a bit snowball.

Mme Pierrox was going thru Etsy and came across those:

Clearly a unicyclist himself - from somewhere near Raleigh NC. Aren’t they so cute?


They are rather sweet.

I’ve got some nice tree decorations depicting Father Christmas with a unicycle, made and sold by a unicycling friend of mind: