My inseam is marginally long enough to enable me to ride a 36er. That means there is virtually no seat post length in the equation. Why is it sooo difficult to find a rear fender for my Nightrider 36 pro? I live in Michigan, and I either have to destroy my clothing for ~ one half of the year, store it until summer, or get a fender. This can’t be a unique problem. My friends at a local bike shop: KLM cycle and fitness (Rochester, MI) hooked me up, but only after a lot of trouble. Why doesn’t Unicycle.com have this fender (or a similar unit) available, for people who don’t live in the SW US?

36er unicycle fender

Here is a positive review for the SKS X-Blade fender. I ride a Coker Big One daily in (slightly) rainy Portland, Oregon. The X-Blade straps firmly around the neck of the frame with a clever clip that tightens down when you close it. The fender has 2 points of adjustment, so you can fit it to the curve of your wheel. It is easy to remove for when my newbie 36er customers want to try the Big One. The coverage of the fender seems good, although any fender allows a little spray to the sides. I don’t notice it while riding, and it weighs very little. All in all, I would recommend it.



I built a fender from a worn-down tyre (sprayed it to make it look more interesting). I think a flexible material that cannot break is a good choice for a uni fender.
It is mounted by means of a fat steel wire that was once used on a “real” fender.
So it’s got those loops at both its ends that normally go to the frame’s eyelets.
I twisted those by 90° and widened them a bit, then I could get the screws connecting the bearing shells through and clamp the loops in between. This makes a very fix connection.
The tyre is connected to the middle of the mounting wire by 2 little aluminium plates locked together with screws. I also attached a mudflap (formerly a beer mat) in this place. :wink:
To execute the hindmost part as a mudflap makes sense because the uni is tilted to the backside when you mount, so here the tyre must easily give in a bit if you want it as long as I like my fenders.

Einradblech Mk 2.jpg

I also run the same fender and I love it. I ride on snow/grit covered roads all winter and It works really well.

I would also recommend it! You can also switch it between unis in like 30seconds so you only need to buy 1!

+1. The only thing I don’t like is the bright orange strap, but this is easily remedied with a strip of Gorilla tape over the strap. :wink: I also trimmed the front end of mine so it fits tighter to the frame. However, this wouldn’t work if you’ve got a really short seat post. The fender is also a great place to mount reflective and other stickers. :slight_smile:

I’m also including a shot from the last ride I took before I bought the fender. Yes, that’s muddy ice plastered all over the place. :astonished: The shots with the fender are from after a ride in similar conditions today - not totally clean, but darn good for having ridden through 4" deep icy mud puddles.