Felix' Panamerica Tour

Dear fellow Unicyclists,

I am planning a tour after UNICON 17, leading southwards from Montréal– who knows how far. I will not put any stress on myself while riding but as I am taking a year off from university, I hope to get quite a few kilometers under my wheel.

Probably I am going to ride mostly along the following “adventure cycling routes”:

“Lake Erie Connector”: Niagara Falls (Canada) to Lake Michigan (MI)
“Northern Tier”: Minneapolis (MN) to Glendive (MT)
“Lewis and Clark Trail”: Glendive to Missoula (MT)
“Transamerica Trail”: Missoula to Bend (OR)
“Sierra Cascades”: Bend to Lake Tahoe (CA)
“Western Express”: Lake Tahoe to San Francisco (CA)
“Pacific Coast”: San Francisco to San Diego (CA)

From the US I would like to go on through Mexico, where I guess, I will stay near the pacific coast until Tepic and then head to Mexico City.

On my tour I want to meet as many people as possible and that’s where you become part of the game.

  1. If you are motivated for a ride, you are cordially invited to accompany me as long as you wish.
  2. If you live roughly along this route and feel able to host me for a night or two I would be glad about a short answer either in this thread, via PM or e-mail to: felix (at) regelsberger (dot) at.

At the moment I am counting on Scott Wilton and Nathan Hoover, but I guess there will be some nights in between, so I am really hoping for a lot of responses :).

This is my plan so far. I am happy about any advice concerning my route through the US to Mexico City or proposals for the trip further south. Advantages would be: more people to meet, better roads, more beautiful landscape…

My flight back to Europe is booked from Buenos Aires and I want to visit a friend in Corrientes/AR, otherwise I am open for almost anything, so please don’t hesitate to contact me (see above).

Thank you so much in advance - I really hope, that works out as I am planning it to!

Just noticed:
This is the link to the adventure-cycling map.

I am going for the colors: blue, yellow, pink, brown, orange, light green and dark green.

That is one ambitious plan Felix! When you get close to here, I’ll come out and ride with you for a day or so, like from San Francisco. Then we can offer you whatever you need for resting and fixing up the uni or other equipment etc. By then you’ll have it well under control I’m sure. See you in Montreal first!


I’ll be happy to meet and ride with you when you get to Los Angeles. Glad to help out any way I can, got plenty of room here at the house, too. Just give a shout when you plan to be here.

On the road

This is my last entry before the trip. Next station is Toronto in maybe ten days.
I will probably post some pictures on this thread from time to time.
I hope to see a lot of you on my trip!
All the best,

Go Felix!! See you when you get here!

Cheers, Felix!
Let us know when you get near SoCal, we’ll get a group together and “ride you through.”
(Looking forward to you posting pics along the way.)

Enjoy your one-year-ride Felix!

I wont get the oportunity to join you at any stage, but I remember it as nice at your (warm up) pre-stage in Montreal.

In case anyone do not know what it will look like to “Ride with Felix”, here is a taster:

I guess Felix will be in your neighbourhood before you know…



Hello from Kingston
First of all thanks for the encouragement. I will definitely let you know when I close in on California. And thanks Cato for the video, that was a nice idea. At the moment I am staying near Kingston, Ontario at a friendly warmshowers host.
My gear and I passed two crucial tests today. First we found out that the bags really are waterproof and I don’t mind heavy rain (as long as it is not too cold) and then I had a crash test. Being wet, the breaks didn’t work as I had expected, so I jumped off and literally hit the road. I rolled over my backpack - nothing hurt, not even a bruise or scratch. And even my camera survived without a trace. Only my last precious piece of caramel chocolate was squashed , not without messing my backpacks lid pocket.
Oh and: It took me three days to get in the news: here is an article in the morrisburg news:
See you soon,

Hey Felix, sounds like a fun adventure. Let us know when you get close to LA and will try and meet up with you. I know Lance already offered you a place to stay but you are welcome at ours as well.


Hey Jamey,

Would you say that this event warrants a special event for the One Love Unicycle Club? If he’s traveling north-to-south, it would be cool to have the northern people meet up and ride along until we get to the southern people’s area, and then they ride along until he gets “out of range.” Kind of a “relay” thing. We could work out a reasonable route for uni-road riding, as well as places to bunk at members’ homes along the way. Sounds fun to me.


Sounds good!

Felix, where are you now???!

United States

Hello everybody,
I had a very good time so far and I am looking forward to the next days/weeks of my tour.
I rode from Toronto to Niagara Falls, along Lake Erie north shore to Kingsville from where I went around Lake St Clair.
Then I crossed the border at Wallaceburg and rode through Michigan from New Baltimore to Muskegon, from where I took the ferry to Milwaulee yesterday (9/9). At the moment I am staying with Jeff who will accompany me to Madison and it will be great to have company for a change.
I had great fun riding and met so many nice people along the road, that I started feeling bad when I said I was doing an unsupported tour. It was awesome how much water, food and shelter I have been offered. I have been invited to random parties where I rode by and really had a good tour until now. I will see about the next stage but I cannot imagine thet it will become less enjoyable.
I am sorry to be so lazy in keeping this thread up to date, but I try to post from time to time.
All the best,

Great update Felix! Glad you’re having such a great time.

Go Felix! Looking forward to seeing you when you reach the Bay Area.

Now there’s a happy unicyclist.

I would love to join you as you approach or ride through the Sacramento area, though I would have to fit it in around work. A weekend day perhaps? And if you’re passing this way, you can take an optional detour from Auburn, CA down to Folsom, where you can ride about 50 miles of bike path, through downtown Sacramento, across the American and Sacramento Rivers, and all the way to Davis. From there you can continue toward San Francisco. I can provide directions if you’re coming.

Keep having a great tour!

On Tour:

Felix is alive and well! He was spotted today riding in a parade with the Twin Cities Unicycle Club in Bloomington, Minnesota. He still looks as happy as that picture a few posts up. :slight_smile: