Favorite Things People Yell ..

So this is based off hobo_chuck’s post, but I though it might be interesting to get a thread going on all the interesting things people have yelled at you while riding:

Here are some of my favorites

“hey do a wheelie”

“Can you juggle”

“Are you gonna actually ride that”

We have one.

i wwas just about to post that

The only ones that I acually like is, “Can you really ride that thing?” or like you said, “Are you acually gonna ride that?”

thanks man, yea i seen that thread… i thought this one as like your favorite thing(s) someone has yelled at you.

no biggie either way :slight_smile:

Oh fair dos. My favourite has to be: “You’re amazing!”
And yes, it’s happened more than once.

well if ths is the favorite’s then mine is
“DAmmnn, dont you get yo thang crushed?!!!”

just imagin this said in ebonics

your insane…
how are your nuts…
one kid told us something that sounds like a video title…i forgot wat it was but i almost used as a title to a video…
and the Oh Ma Gosh look…

My favourites would have to be the compliments too. “Legend!” and “Wow that’s a big one!” and “Were you the guy in the paper who rode around the mountain?” are the kind of comments that feel good for me to hear and often result in friendly conversations and sometimes impromptu unicycle newbie lessons.

I once had a “Wow, it’s a giant mountain bike unicycle”. Would could I say to that :astonished: It can really throw you sometimes when people make accurate, pertinent, sensible comments :slight_smile:

I like it when I meet someone and they say, " sick unicycle" or “that’s a pretty sweet lookin uni” or something like that. I met some bikers and they said that today.

I was hopping along these big concrete blocks in a parking lot today and then I dropped off and started riding through the parking lot when I heard someone clapping and saw a guy in a truck and he said “good job buddy!”

Comments like that are nice, I just don’t like it when people say anything about the circus or me joining it. I also hate the stupid kids in my school that think they are so cool when they yell something like “do a kickflip!” and then walk away laughing

Oh my god, that’s amazing

“Nice bike, take it off any sweet jumps?”

Last year at NAUCC in Memphis we heard a lot of, “Hey! Where ya’ll from?”

My favorites are along the lines of “you’re my hero!” which I got a lot of today from bikers who I passed/passed me. One I still laugh at and think was awesome was “What the H*** that guys only got one wheel” then they paused realized I heard them and said “Good job man, I wish I could do that” I then got off and let him try.

more like…what do little children wisper and laugh about when you go by…

Me and a few friends have a funny joke that we make sometimes.

This little kid maybe 8 years old was walking down the street and he yelled “Nice gay-bike!”.

Ever since then, two of my friends call it a Gay-Bike, it’s pretty funny.

What’s odd about that?

My favorite things that people yell at me are those crazy indecipherable yowls from cars that drive by. I never have any idea what they mean, but they make me laugh every time.

It just struck as odd that they were assuming we weren’t from there since we were riding unicycles.

That, and they ended the sentence with a preposition. That’s pretty odd.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Rofl!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Gay-bike rofl!