Fastest mount?

Quite simple. I fall off a lot in intensely explosive polo action and I need to get back on as quickly as possible. Which mount is best for this?

I’m thinking a jump mount. I’m going to practice that.

a static mount is probably the fastest if you work on it

A rolling mount is even faster, but that and the static are relatives. In practice, the quickest mount depends on where you are in relation to the uni, and which direction you need to go when you jump on. I recommend practicing rolling mounts, and getting comfortable doing it with either foot.

I often have to adjust the pedal angle before mounting. You guys don’t need to do that?

Yes, but with practice, it becomes faster and you also get used to mounting at different pedal angles.

Personnally, I find that my fastest mount is a “rolling-jump-flip” mount. :stuck_out_tongue: I use it when I fell while riding fast, but kept running. I then flip the wheel quickly on the ground while jumping, and hoping to land with the pedals close to my usual mounting position.

I believe that a rolling mount onto a 36er in high gear is the fastest. :smiley:

Scott, but not everybody can do it… :wink:

LRP: I find static mount most useful when playing polo, sometimes including bit of rolling. Try training mounts with vertical cranks or with various other positions. It will still not be preferred, but it make you more robust for wrong crank position.

And learn from the bestest: