Fall, Uni Rendezvous, East/Central US

Hey, all,

There has been talk around the region to have another uni weekend similar,
but bigger, to our MUC camping trip that we took last spring. I am
envisioning a place where we could camp and/or motel, MUni, Coker and, in
general, uni-play.

The word “tennessee” comes from a Native American word that means, “the
meeting place.” I have guestimated that about 6 hours is a driving limit
for most folks. It is almost exactly 6 hours for us in Memphis to get to
Knoxville, for example. If we met in east or central Tennessee we could
pull-in folks from both ends of our state, north Georgia (including
Atlanta), Alabama and Mississippi, Kentucky, both Carolinas… you get the
picture. Maybe even Bill from Penn.!

Geographically, Eddie (Plateau Uni Club, Crossville, TN.) is right in the
middle of where some folks are dreaming of getting together. Eddie, is
there a place in your neck of the woods that might offer MUni, Coker, etc.
uni opportunities with camping and perhaps a few motel options near-by?

Chirokid, whatcha got in East Tennessee as for a possible place?

I don’t know anything about southern Kentucky but that, too could hold some
possibilities. Anybody got any ideas?

The weekends that I am kicking around are Sept. 3, 10 and 17; Oct 1. Can
you all that are interested please rate these dates 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. in
order of preference (1st being the most likely to work for you and your
families and/or cats)?

If you have any in-put, please - ASAP - get back to me at tommy@memphisunicycleclub.com


Re: Fall, Uni Rendezvous, East/Central US

Hi Tommy. A Uni Rendezvous sounds great to this East Tennessean!!!

There are tons of camping and hotel/motels in my area, plus many places for road riding. However, with the Great Smoky Mountain National Park not allowing any “bikes” on any trails, I have to drive about an hour to have any good muni rides.

Maybe Eddie can come through for us all to ride with the PUC. I imagine there are boocoos of trials lines along the rocks of the plateau.

I will make any date work for me and my family.:smiley: --chirokid–

How does Fall Creek Falls State Park (Tennessee) sound?

My best wknd is Sept 17, 18, 19.

Hey T-max,

That is the same weekend as the Wolfpack Tri. You are the Mac-Daddy of the Uni-Tri! You have shamed me into coming out of comptetive retirement (following the NAUCC) to do this race.


I would like to go as well, and if it falls on the 10,11 and 12th of September I will be there. Otherwise I won’t be able to make it. Like I told you in an e-mail Tommy, as much as I would like to go, don’t plan it around me. If the majority of those interested find another weekend more convenient I will survive. If it is another weekend, it is much more likely I will survive.:smiley:

I am flexible, the 17th is my No1 pick. But I’ll go (sans kids) any weekend. Everyone post your preferences please. Then we’ll do the best all around weekend.

If I’m in Memphis for the Wolfman Tri, I will definately participate in that.

Tommy, I’m keeping my money (beverage) in my pocket this time.

We now have a vote for 10,11,12.


Bill from PA will definitely make it. I vote for the weekend of Sept 10, 11, 12. Other weekends will work for me also. I will be coming without my family.

I will be taking off several days from work. I’m planning on driving down on Thursday so I’ll be available to ride with anyone who is free on Friday. I’ll stick around for riding on Sunday and then be driving home on Monday.

Bill “I’m ready for a road trip” Hamilton :smiley:

That’s 2! If we do make it that weekend, I will leave on Thursday evening after work and will have Fri, Sat and Sunday available. Of course driving back Sunday afternoon.

Its starting to look alot like Sept 10,11,12

Everyone concentrate on that weekend and lets see what happens. I might be sans one kid.

I’m up for the 10 - 12 Weekend , Falls Chruch Falls State Park, TN.

So, is that it? Most of the responses that I’ve got were - “whatever.” This seems to be the answer. Nail it?


Cool, I told my wife a little bit ago that it was a possilility and she was actually excited. Go figure? :thinking: So at this point I am writing it down. Now to go ride.:smiley:

Make that: Falls Creek Falls State Park.


Setember 10, 11, 12

I can’t wait!



September 10th, 11th & 12th - 25th Annual Mountaineer Folk Festival
Handmade crafts, traditional mountain music, and demonstrations of pioneer skills are just part of the fun. Country cooking, bluegrass music. For lodging call (423) 881-5494.

I took this shot of Fall Creek Falls last year. Great place.

fall creek falls.jpg

Sound like fun, but too far West for me for a weekend trip…if it was going down a little bit closer, like say around Chirokid I might be able to make that drive. Maybe next time! :slight_smile:

How far is it from you? I am guessing for me it will be around 4 hours. If it is less than 6 you should really try. It is going to be a blast. I drove to Memphis in the Spring, and had a great time.

I’m looking at about 6 hours…I just got done doing 12 hours to Missouri last week. Maybe I will feel more up to it after that trip wears off a little bit more :wink:

Originally posted by zod
I’m looking at about 6 hours…I just got done doing 12 hours to Missouri last week. Maybe I will feel more up to it after that trip wears off a little bit more :wink: [/QUOTE

I did the Missery(Missouri) trip three weeks ago. I went to Springfield/Branson. I call that the Hell trip. THe next weekend I needed a vacation from that vacation. So I drove up to Pigeon Forge for a couple of days.:smiley: So I know what you mean. If you can get that Friday off and drive after work Saturday, it will be worth it. Besides you owe me a Root Beer.:wink:

I’ll get the vacation days scheduled!

Who is planning on camping and who is booking a room?

Pics of the Fall Creek Falls area look beautiful.

Tommy, thanks for pushing this forward.

Zod, I’ll be driving 10 plus hours. Don’t make me beg you to drive the 6 hours so we can meet face to face and ride together.

Patiently waiting…


I don’t know if this is going to be a problem or not. I just checked the online reservations and it told me that no rooms in the Inn or cabins were available. The Mtneer Folk Festival might have everything in the area booked up for the weekend.

Any of the local folk know about this festival? Is it at the Fall Creek Falls SP? If it is at the park, do we need to consider another weekend?