Fall-City Oregon (a pictorial look)

ah Fall-City Oregon.this small paradise is shaping up to be quite the week-end fun zone.Kudos to all the 2-wheelers that ride up with saws and stash shovels.

a year ago there were nice trails up there,but after getting permision from the land owners and the foresty service it has turned into a real delite. (no tetter-todder yet though)

someday i hope to make this a part of a Oregon muni week-end.

here is the link to pic’s and vid’s


Great pic’s that looks like an awesome trail.


Nice. Looks like they’re building quite a trail system. It’s great that the land owner is cooperating. They’ve got a good thing going there.

I’m going to have to plan a trip down to Salem and Corvallis soon. It looks like I need to go riding there.

You just made me homesick…
I’ll be going in the Portland area in August, but not to unicycle. I’ll be getting married and will be on my honeymoon.

Nice pics, Jag. I like the commentary!

Great pic and video Jagur. I am proud of you for not attempting the 15 foot drop.

That is a great looking trail. I liked the trail signs. :slight_smile: --chirokid–

thanx for looking,from the view counter in the gallery it seems like you guys were the only ones that did :roll_eyes: ive changed the background to purple,maybe the red was to painful

u-turn,thanx…its amazing how long captioning on a 56K takes.

J_C,hope to see you before it gets furnace like hot down here,i hear its going to be a scorcher this summer.

Nice job Jag. Looks like some real nice riding. I agree, thanks for taking the time to add all the captions.

I almost didn't want to look at all of it. It's killing me to see stuff like that and not be able to get out and do some riding :(
  • Frank

heah,yeah…it seems im going to be “watching it all go by” for awile too.my non-insured self diagnosis is Plantar Fasciitis.it started with a slight peircing pain and now im limping all over the house.some times i hate life.

Same here. Torn MCL a few days ago from a wheel-walking fall. My fifth sprain in 2 1/2 years. Unicycling is tough on the body, at least mine. It’s maddeningly hard to get to sleep without that exhausting uni session to wear me out.

I had my first experience with that about 15 years ago. After all sorts of unsuccessful advice from podiatrists, I have been wearing Tulis heel cups in my shoes ever since. That recommendation came from an orthopaedic Doc. They cost about $10 and I don’t wear shoes without them, did the job for me. Give that foot time to heal up 'cause that can linger for a long time and sometimes can result in a heel spur.


Sorry to hear the news. Will things heal up without surgery?

When I first saw this thread title I thought it was going to be about actual “falls” as in “ouch”.

  • Frank

Yes no surgery, which is really helpful. I have this expensive knee brace which lets me walk around without worrying as much if I’ll reinjure it.

Jagur, looks like an awesome area to ride. Hope I can get up there sometime and check it out.


thanx ,i just went out and bought some.$9.99 and these things are squishy.its feels like im walking on omelettes.

Could that have been poison ivy you fell into - and check yourself for ticks!

Yup Lyme disease is nasty. Although out there don’t y’all have Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever instead?

been there,done that and we dont have poison ivy.we have poison oak.


Is that Falls City or Fall City? Looks like a fun ride.

I was at the Oregon Coast and spent some quality time with the dog on the Wilson River Trail West last Saturday. It’s quite an easy trail but very scenic. When I have more time I want to check out the Jones/Browns Camp areas too.

It’s Falls City. It’s a little town just east of Monmouth.

fancy this! i found a guy in Salem that has a web site and is making a video of local riding.

there is a video clip of some of the gnarly stuff at Falls City including Grannies Kitchen,the newest and most insane trail ive even seen in the real world.

scroll down to where it says “Alan Thompson doing some crazy stunts at the Blackrock trails near Falls City. Includes big cliff drop, entire upper Granny’s Kitchen set (still under construction), high jump/wall, and stuff on sickter gnar.”

get the 21meg version even if you have 56K,its worth it!

there is a filming crew going up there on Saturday so i hope to sneek into this upcoming DVD due out in fall.

(drive on down John,you still got time ;))