Fall 2023 KH unis are here (introducing Boundary Cranks)

So, remaining ISIS strong cranks will be soon only Nimbus VCX and Mad4One !

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You forgot me, I have my own made in Taiwan. I am even expanding my ISIS range because I had information that motivated me to do so. The range will be expanded with inexpensive 100mm, 114mm, 125mm cranks and the 140mm will then be there again. Will arrive in December.


I got some parts from you but shipping to France is expensive

it is like it is. I can not change that. But sometimes you have friends who live in Switzerland who can bring it with them.

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In Australia, I got the last of current stock for the KH crank Spirit 110/127 Disc.
On the phone the rep said he could get other stock from other UDCs if needed.

Impact too

Will you also offer ISIS Disc cranks for external (right side) disc?:slight_smile:

No, that’s not planned. But I can look in my private rummage box to see if I still have KH cranks.


My favourite cranks. I’m lucky enough to live in Switzerland. :smiley:

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Unfortunately there are only KH 137mm without discs. Also 2 pairs of Mad4ONE Dual 125/150 (I drove them before I had my own made). Otherwise, all I have in this box is junk that I can only give away. I once put a box of parts out at a unicycle race and labeled it “Free”. People jumped on it :wink: