Expert Trials riders wanted for paid performing in Modesto

I was contacted by an organizer of a motorcycling event, to be held this Sept. 16 in Modesto, CA. He’s looking for Trials/Street/stunt riders, to do the kinds of things one sees in extreme unicylcing videos. For pay, but I don’t know how much. This may depend on level and experience in front of audiences.

I’m waiting to hear back from the organizers with more information about the event, which appears it’s still in the planning stages. Here’s the web site:
It looks like it would be worth the trip just to see some of that motorcycle Freestyle!

If you are available to be in Modesto on Sept. 16, please contact me at the email address below. Responses to this post will not necessarily get noticed. I will add more information about the event here as it comes to me.

What about CA MUni Weekend?
The organizer might also hire me for Flatland performing. If this happens, it means this date will not be a conflict with the CA MUni Weekend, which would likely then be the weekend before or after.

If they pay my trip there ill go, I could do pretty big handrails ,stair cases, high drops etc…

From where? And just your trip?

… Still waiting for more details…

Hmm, my uncle lives in San Luis Obispo like a 10 minute drive and he LOVES MOTORCYCLES! So i will probably go with my uncle and dad to watch the motorcycles and unicycles…I LOVE MOTORCYCLES TOO!!!

If I can get out there il do it, Im not bad…I can 350 unispin a 3 set and drop pretty high, grind, and do trials farely well…So where is it exactly?


My bad. This event will be in Fresno, not Modesto. Woohoo! A little farther for most of us…

Also though there is little information about the 2006 event as the site is still being assembled, the organizers asked me to check out their 2005 web site:
Pretty cool!

Remember, if you’re interested, please send an email to the address below.

Which address?

Sorry, John. I’m not available the 16th.

Ohh man Fresno is like 4 hours from here!