Evidence you're a unicyclist - Unicycle art, decorations etc in your home

Hello IvenBach!

To be honest, I had never even heard of an STL file before. I created the file using my wife’s Silhouette (similar to a Cricut) to be able to cut it out onto vinyl for a sticker. Not sure what format it even uses. Let me do a bit of research and see if I can figure out how to take what I have and make it into an STL file for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven’t posted it yet but my uncle in law made this for my wedding as a gift


That looks great!!

I received this thoughtful gift from professional colleagues in Toronto.


Just been to Doc, and he confirmed that it is a callus on my left thumb from from unicycling…[after I showed him a picture of my KH36 and explained how I ride holding by left hand on the KH handle when not in Aero position.
I’m right handed, but at recent work medical check up, the test device revealed my left hand is stronger.


I used your photo and gray scaled the colors to create an STL. Now I need to print more out and give them to other uni riders when I go on rides with them.

If any others here have a 3d printer I’ve included the file so they can print their own UniHallows.
UniHallows_Original.stl (2.5 MB)


That’s awesome!! Looks great :+1:t2::+1:t2:

I’d rather be riding my unicycles!

Looks like these things hanging in the trees at the place of the Blair witch.

Thses are a few cool designs I have more here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is cool.

I’ve been hoping to find a stool for my standup desk that looks like a unicycle, with pedals for foot rests.

I found one.

If you rotate the stool at a 45 degree angle, the pedals act just like normal footrests on a normal stool. The seat swivels to raise or lower the height.


That’s super cool! I wish they had used some smart engineering so you can adjust the height by rotating the wheel.


OK, one more trace. It’s my favorite (own) pictures, which was created unplanned after finishing the script for that that day, and we didn’t want to waste time that was paid for. The guy in control of the camera played a bit with composition and I still love the result better then Mona Lisa


I picked this up in town at the 2003 Moab MUni Fest.

I think it’s clear proof unicycling out dates the currently accepted historical timeline of the sport.


Here is my van aka my home.