embarrassing question...

ok i just learn to ride really good and i ride for like 5 hours a day but i have a question… Is it normal to be getting a rash around were the seat goes and how do i get it to stop doing that? ty


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The chafing will stop after a while. Your legs will get used to it. Sometimes upgradeing seats will make for a more comfy less chafy ride.

A hard day of riding will always leave you a little red and maybe sore, but its nothing bad. The original chafing is the worst, and it will stop before you know it.

Raising the seat, using shorter cranks and waring bike shorts all help but after a while the hair in that area gets rubbed away and it is no-longer a problem.

bike or compression shorts always work good for me when I start getting a sore there

ok cool i have a sun classic anyone know about those? also i wear like 3 pairs of boxers sweats and my dress pants to prevent more pain. I wanna wear shorts but one, its winter and two it would hurt rally bad…


“The way to change the world is one random act of kindness at a time.”

wearing layers wont help anything, it just creates more things to rub, use bike shorts and a better seat

Well after riding w/ and w/ out compression shorts on I would say you are deffenitly wrong…If I have a sore going and I switch to compression shorts, I can’t feel it at all…

Are you a guy, and do you have hairy thighs?

If so, your seat rubbing from all the riding, besides rubbing just the skin, will rub the hairs, and eventually kinda rub them off your leg.

Nothing to be embarrassed about, and it will stop.

Like AgentQ said, even after its not rashing up, after a long day of jumping or intense riding, you might get a bit of a burn again, but its all good.

boxer shorts are the worst thing you can wear.

if you can’t afford padded cycling shorts, at least wear this kind:

Throwing a handful of talcum powder (and it’s cheaper alternative cornstartch) in your shorts works wonders for stopping the chaffing

(I don’t remember if that was a google image search, or if i posted a pic of myself)

Embarassing answer:

The seat dossn’t look very inviting in your avatar

Cycling shorts + Chamois Butter
I wear shorts/pants/thermals over that. (I don’t like wearing just cycling shorts)

Been to the tanning salon lately? :stuck_out_tongue:

I find vasoline to be way better than chamois butter, and it is cheaper/more available.

Definitely don’t wear 3 pairs of boxer shorts…that sounds painful. Invest in at least 1 pair of cycling shorts and it will do wonders. You don’t want to wear anything with a seam in it that you sit on.

yeah, go a pair of bike shorts, even if you wear them under your baggy shorts (or pants if it’s cold) and some vasoline. The vaso helps the bike pants to kinda stick to the skin and makes the seat rub against the shorts instead of your skin.
And like everyone else said, it will get better over time.

yes i am a guy

Regarding bike shorts… I could use some info. The discussion threads assume you know something about [edited spelling] bicycle shorts! I don’t! I don’t ride a bicycle (haven’t in 15 years). Went to a bike store yesterday (for the first time), to look at shorts and there are soooo many kinds! There are shorts that are longer, almost to the knee, and either spandex or nylon. From what they said it seems that nylon would be more durable that spandex for distance/muni cycling. Mountain shorts? They are all padded to some extent too.

Any suggestions? Also I would be wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts or pant over them.

I get along very well with “compression shorts”. They are similar to bike shorts but do not have the padding and are much cheaper. You can find compression shorts at places such as Walmart. Look for them in the sporting goods department next to the athletic supporters (jock straps).

I do not use any creams or Vasoline. A pair of nylon (basketball type) shorts (also available at Walmart) over the compression shorts works great for resolving the rubbing/chafeing problem. Rubbing occurs against the fabric and not your skin.

Thanks Wheelrider. I’ll drop by Walmart later today to see what they have. The cycling inventory may be low now, but it’s on the way home anyway. And, yup, I also don’t want to bother with creams etc. For one, it kinda seems weird, but I just want to get up and go for a ride with a minimum of fuss.

compression shorts? what is that bike shorts :thinking:

they hold your “junk” close to you and prevent that from hurting too bad. and it is like a fake layer of skin that will help prevent the rubbing.