Embarassing question.

Hello guys.

After being on a break for my unicycle, i tried it again today, and it is going very well now - i dont really relay on my girlfriend being by my side anymore, and i can drive by myself, so thats amazing so far.

Well, the problem is kinda ongoing, and short - everytime i jump onto my unicycle, my … oh my - yeah, my balls are being pushed down into the seat, and its not really hurting, its just a VERY BAD FEELING to have, and it sometimes makes me stop, just to correct them, but eventhough i correct them, it will still go wrong.

What can i do here, to get a pleasant drive :-)?

Kindly regards Alex.

wearing boxer briefs helps, incase you’re wearing boxers…

I know this might seem like a crazy idea, but you might try riding without sitting on your balls, and see how that feels.

Apart from that, you might find this helpful: http://www.ehow.com/about_5260881_human-male-castration-procedures.html

On a more serious note, there is nothing you can do about it. This is part of the learning process. Your balls will learn how to get out of the way sometime in-between when you can ride 100 meters and when you learn to freemount.

This might help:


This is what i like about this forum, you can basically ask about anything, and then serious answers will come up.

Thanks guys, i am normally wearing boxer shorts, and then i am just using some lightweight pants, like yesterday i was on a like 3-4 km ride with my girlfriend, and i was using Ed Hardy pants, like some sleeping pants - and that helped in some points, but it really felt like my balls were against the seat, and they were being squashed against it.

I will try out the link you gave me.

And thanks again!

It’s all about sitting carefully. As I freemount, I position myself with a slight hesitation that allows them to move out of the way. Move the seat slightly as you sit down and it sort of drags them to where you want them to be. Don’t just sit down on them.

If that doesn’t work, you could try adjusting the position of your seat, changing your seat, or making an appointment with the vet.

I find using the seat to push them forwards, so they sit infront of me, helps a lot. If I am riding for a long time, lycra boxers help to keep them in place.

Y fronts, boxers etc are all horrible compared to a good pair of padded cycling nics. They will pad your bum and keep all your bits up and out of the way of the seat making for a much more comfortable ride. Also a good seat is really good start- a KH freeride saddle is my personal fav. Nice and flat with a good foam cutout to relieve pressure on your nerves.

wear something snug that keeps you from dangling, padding is nice too. when you place the seat, put it behind them. when you pedal away and weight the seat, scoot back onto it so they’re not under you. I also noticed that colder environments seem less problematic. good luck to you and your future generations.

When I first started I had similar issues.
I ride in the evenings a lot while I’m outside with my kids. I don’t really suit up for riding, because I might only get 15 minutes in and spend an hour or more doing things around the yard or playing with the kids. So it never seemed practical to be putting on bike shorts.
So I just wear my usual clothes, which means boxers.
Back when just simple riding was a challenge, it was difficult to adjust my seating position. I remember sometimes I’d get going doing the street and have that not so comfortable feeling down there. It wasn’t pain, just mild discomfort. Sometimes a pinching-like feeling.
If it wasn’t bad, I’d just keep going. Adjusting risked a UPD.
But now it’s much easier to adjust and I do almost every time I free mount.
I grab the seat with one hand (I mount that way anyway), take my weight off the seat, and sit back down more comfortably.

When I hit the trails, I wear boxer briefs. I’m not sure how critical it is anymore, but it seems like a good idea for longer more aggressive riding.

Also, my first uni was a Cycle Pro learner, and the seat wasn’t very good. As I’ve gotten better I’ve also gotten better unis with better seats. That must help too.

I have a Torker LX 20" and a KH 29" with the new Freeride saddle…

And I had your problem on the Torker, but not on the Freeride saddle. Half of the reason I wore bike shorts was to help with this, and even wearing them I had to arrange myself before each time I mounted. :o

I’ve not felt the need to wear bike shorts on the KH, and I’ve ridden it 4+ miles a day just wearing boxer briefs and whatever shorts/pants I happen to be wearing. (Not far compared to lots of people on here… ) I just pull up my underwear tight and jump on.

The Freeride saddle can also adjust in angle, so that might help you.

any female perspectives here? : P

You guys are lucky that you can move your stuff out of the way. I can’t. I have to suffer with mine. I slather on a lot of Butt’r or Crisco which does help. I asked my doctor about surgically reducing some of the soft tissue. She said it’s a common request, but not done at my HMO.

How is that for some female perspective:D?


I have never had a problem with my weavos while riding and I have even ridden naked a few times! The whole answer to your problem is to sit on your ass and maybe taint but not your nuts! A couple of times when I have done some large drops while muning I have not landed well and hurt them somewhat. However it is pretty rare. I can only remember it hapenning twice in all of the years and miles that I have ridden.


You don’t sit on your balls in a chair or on a bicycle.

Just tuck them sonsabitches forward and ride on!

It’s a good start, but I’m not sure we really understand this slathering process. Perhaps a video? :wink: :roll_eyes: :smiley: :sunglasses:

I’m 50. Do you really want to see that video?

I’m male, and on the internet. Why wouldn’t I want to see that video? :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of having mine removed, though I hear it can cause some problems, but it would certainly make riding more comfortable :slight_smile: