Em the Newbie

Yo im Emrys from devon im kinda nu to this site n its really confuzzing but i finished a vid a while ago n this is it Pleas do say was u think laterz

Well, people around here are going to LOVE your spelling and grammar!
Just playing…

Welcome to the forums!

(You may have to work on that spelling, though)

I don’t understand your post.

wkd vid dude how long have u been riding that was some gr8 filming on thst hand rail, was that at cambourne skate park. keep it up

Deleted because Lucas is right. Don’t incourage bad grammar with more bad grammar.

oh my god, its his second post and new to this site and your encouraging him by dissing his spelling grrrr, one day your going to say that to some one who has spelling problems, i think its just really picky to pick up on someones grammar mistakes on the internet its not an english lesson

I know foreign people who can spell and have better grammar.

so what for all you know he might be dislexic, and then he cannot do anything about spelling or grammar so i think its a silly thing to comment on.
eroick i wasn’t commenting on you because at least you were nice about the vid and commented on it any way getting back on topic

Scrw wat ppl thinx of ur typin. its a frkin intrnt forum nd not a stoopid englch clas.

Great vid, I like your hair. =p I used to have mine pink too. lol

Welcome to the forums!!!

I love how some people refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

Everyone has their obstacles. Trying to overcome them and failing is alright, but laziness is not.

Anyways, that wasn’t to you Em. Just clean up the English a bit.
It was a good video…you had some cool camera angle stuff going on.

My 2 cents on the video:
Lots of awesome footage! Good camera angles, but some stuff could have used lower camera angles, it makes everything look bigger.

Editing could use a bit of work. Mainly, you could have mixed up skatepark and other scenes rather than just putting them all together.

But all in all, great first vid!

Well, it’s better to get it done and out of the way from day one, and hopefully stop the problem before it gets out of control. 9 times out of 10 it’s not bad spelling, it’s just laziness and trying to spell wrongly to look kewl

Anyway, great video. Excellent riding, and a superb sound track. Welcome Mike Hattis’ son Fire.


good video man, what song was that and by who?


Yeah, if you have horrible spelling like me, you can type it in Word first and spell-check it, then past it in.

f@*k off gies just cus he cant spell doesent mean anneyihing sheel ass videos verry nice

Firefox 2.0 has built in spell check for editable fields much like the one I am typing in.

Download the google toolbar for IE or any other browser and you get it too.

Or, there is a little ABC check installed into each of the message boxes. Its to the right top hand corner, above the smilies.

I really hated the song (no offense intended) and the camera was pretty shaky on some parts. your hair is cool but when it bobs up and down and flies all over the place it makes your riding seem less smooth. Work on keeping speed through some trials lines and not hopping so much. great video though.

Actually Tim, you’ll find throughout life that if you make an effort to look intelligent, people will be much (MUCH MUCH MUCH) more likely to actually listen to what you say, and take you seriously. You can preach about not judging a book by its cover all you want, but it is human instinct to categorize and stereotype. First impressions make a world of difference.

I’m not trying to be offensive to any of y’all, and I’m sorry if I come off that way. But that doesn’t change the fact that throwing rocks at your (general you) keyboard to type out words will tend to make people ignore what you have to say.

ok sorry i shall use propper language. I’ve just started and i dont really know much about how this works. I’d just like to get better at unicycling and meet some new people.