Elias Pöham Yellow Trials Frame?

Hello guys, When I watched the video “Elias Pöham 2010” I saw that he had a yellow gravity impact frame… (I think) Does anyone know how he got it or if you can buy it somewhere? I want one it looks awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres hes video -

The video is awesome! ;D

Hey i think this is one of the best i’ve seen so far. I really liked the tight-rope ride with a turn around :astonished:

Yeah i love it :stuck_out_tongue: But its a mysterious frame xD Can’t find it anywhere o.o

he painted it;)

Ohhhh yeah that might be the reason why i cant find it… xD Hmm… So if i want to get the same i should buy a Black/White Gravity frame and then paint it yellow? Man sometimes i need to use my brain… ;D Thank you very much ;p

no problem now he has ocean blue frame :slight_smile:

It’s doesn’t matter what color you buy because you will need to strip the paint and throw on a yellow powder coat. I would recommend taking to some place that will do it you need a lot of tooling to spray powder.

Okay thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

My friends painted it: http://mad-manufacture.de/?page=4

Beautifully filmed, with awesome riding by Elias. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone twist 180 degrees on a wire before. It’s rare enough (outside of the Street/Trials world) to see unicycles with tires on wires.

Too bad the video isn’t family-friendly (lyrics). Impact continues in the tradition of Koxx-One, sending the message “parents stay away”. It would seem to me there’s a lot of money there. But France has its own culture, and my perceptions may not be true for there.

what are those stupid prejudices?
one: impact got nothing to do with koxx-one.
two: i don’t think at all the pohams choose the song for the lyrics, they choose it rather because it fits well the footage, and not to send some kind of message threw the lyrics. plus, the pohams are a real family, the brothers are riding all three togather, and their parents always follow them in convention.
three: what’s the relation with money?
four: and for your sentence about france, i would say you should probably come to france before saying stupid things about france or french people.
i came to america last month for a few days and it was enough time for me to discover that all the prejudices people says here about america are wrong.

so finally yeah, i think your perception is wrong here

It was a nice paint website but i think it would cost too much for me because i live in sweden, so it might be cheaper to buy it here ^^

Extreme sports aren’t family-friendly in general, I think that’s partially why teenagers like them. I doubt the song choice involved much more than finding a cool ski video with a catchy song and making a unicycle video with it.

I wouldn’t say that, Yoggi created the koxx-one image. I don’t think that image is still intact but the history is there.

yeah you’re right
but the impact image has never been the same as koxx-one image