elderly-unicyclists at unicon 16?

hello everybody,
I´m from germany and I´m looking for elderly people who´ll join unicon 16. I´m 58 and I recently learnt to unicycle and I´m participating at unicon as a non-competitor.
I want to meet other beginners of my age to ride together in Italy.

Who wants to join me?:slight_smile:

I’d be there if I could but I can’t…I think the word elderly :astonished: might put people off. I am a similar age to you and think of myself as an older unicyclist…certainly not an elderly :astonished: one. I would have to be at least seventy or perhaps eighty to be elderly (could someone please confirm this, I’m getting worried) :slight_smile:

“Elderly”? Pah! I keep telling myself “Age is a frame of mind”, and “Middle age is 10 years older than you are.” I certainly don’t feel or think my age. More like “35 with 20 years extra experience”. However, as my optician said, “It’s the eyes and teeth that give the game away!”


what a shame, i hoped to meet you there…


At 58, I’m not elderly in the slightest!!!
My mother is approaching elderly at age 88.

Wish I could be there!

If you just wait another 30 years you will be there. :slight_smile:


I’ll be there, but I’m a relative teenager; 50. :smiley:



Wish I had caught that myself.

I would be very happy to meet up with you during Unicon if you don’t mind hanging out with a young buck … Dave - 52 and three-quarters - Earp

there were such meetings before (one in switzerland for instance)
I won’t be there (I had conflicting meeting calendars)

Hmm Elderly

I was at the last Unicon and proudly came last in my events but have to admit stress and anxiety with the big event got to me. I could not ride to my secret amazing standards LOL. That doesn’t mean I cannot ride OK; I like XC, LD touring, rough downhill without big drops and generally messing about on a uni. I can still jump up steps, do reasonable drops, down steps and do mild trials etc.
I am age challenged, have a big b’day party soon but far from elderly. That is a condercending term, I like terms like age challenged, a bit older than you (kids I teach > than 40 or more years) and who cares.
We are going to have a super masters catagory (I hope) > 60 at Uninats which are the Aust champs.
Elderly sounds like walking sticks…hmmmm be careful here, I have tried adjustable walking poles when riding some steep uphill Muni. They work

Great post Mal.
You rock.

Party at 1002 Mt Ck Rd Tawonga

Hi Rob,
Maybe see u there Sundayv 10th June.

Thanks for correcting my english. I didn’t know the correct word for my agegroup.:wink:

I don’t feel elderly as well.

During unicon I will help a lot, but I also want to practice riding.
I would be happy to meet you.

Who is this man?

You really ought to find out who this guy is.

Can’t seem to get the image to load in the post, but click the link. You won’t regret it. I mean, the beard alone… So cool.