Echo TR pedals... brand new any colour

I just sent a pm to you =D

Shipping price to USA… 60134 zip code?

Shipping to US is 9 pounds on top my current price. So it’s 37+9= 46 pounds.

To all:

If you want a fancy coloured pair, the cut-off line for availability to reserve one is 23rd June. If you want one, then feel free to send a small deposit of 5 pounds over to me to confirm yours.

Hey Sponge,

I’d be interested in some of the coloured ones. Could you post a picture actually showing all the different pedals in the various colors to make it easier to pick one?
I know they’re similar to the seat post clamps but it would be great anyways. Google image search didn’t yield any results for me…

Would you ship to NL and what would you need for shipping?

Heres 4 of the colours, robbed from Tartybikes.

I might be interested in a pair Sponge. I’ve always used DMR V8s (and one pair of MG1 Ti on my race uni), but one of my pairs of V8s is getting pretty ratty and I fancy trying some lower-profile ones. What are they like for shattering? I’d be using them on my muni in mostly very rocky places so they’re going to get dropped on rocks - the V8s are bombproof (but quite heavy). I’m always a bit paranoid about smashing the MG1s - I’ve heard magnesium bodies break easily.


i wouldn’t even worry about magnesium bodies breaking on dropping on some rocky trails. But alu is that much more reassuring, yes.

I have full confidence that you’ll never break the alu body of this pedal in your whole time riding. They are low profile and minimalist, and designed to be very light, whilst offering superb grip and bearing life. What other pedals can you name that are designed and CNC machined in their very OWN factory? :wink:

Breaking them on trails is the last thing I’d worry about. I’d say trials riders mashing them with pedalgrabs day in day out are much more at risk. But even so, I’d be willing to buy a crate’s worth of cornish pasties if anyone did manageo break a TR body. I have full confidence you won’t kill them, unless you purposefully intend on slaughtering them with a sledgehammer :stuck_out_tongue:

Just Sent my “gift” to reserve a pair of blue ones… let me know when you have them :slight_smile:

Ah, thanx, that helped. I think I’d want a pair of red ones. How about shipping to the Netherlands or Germany?

9 pounds international on top of the 37= 46

Oh how I want some of these. I might have the cash to throw at some in the next week or so…

I think I’d be going with the purple! They look uber cool :smiley:


Any word on when you’re getting the blue ones in? I sent my deposit and received no confirmation on your end.

Tirving, Im getting blues too
I was told the first few days of July :slight_smile:

cool…looking forward to getting them.

Hi Sponge,
i am interested in a set of gold ones if that is possible. Would shipping to oz be about the same as that to the US? Shipping post code is 2602 if that helps. let me know if its possible and i will get a deposit to you asap.

Hey Sponge, I’m definitely ordering the red ones now! I hope you have some left?! Otherwise silver, black, gold or green would be okay too.

Hey man, you got any black left? And will they fit Profile cranks (I think they’re 9/16)?

Are the blue ones the exact same blue as the seatclamp in the first post? If it is I though it would’ve been a darker blue:( It wont match my KH frame!

Is shipping to Australia 9 pounds?

If so do you have any Green, Red, Blue or purple ones left?