Echo TR pedals... brand new any colour

Currently out of stock in the UK for the foreseeable future. But these are awesome awesome pedals that are lighter than MG1s, stronger than them, and feel better on the foot and for pedalgrabs. Pure win.

Any colour you want, for 35 pounds + 2 pounds postage. Brand new and boxed. UK retail is around 50 with postage.

ANY of these colours, take your pick:

payment via paypal.
PM me for details! :slight_smile:



  • New for 2010, a light weight alloy platform pedal from Echo.
  • Slim line CNC machined 6061 alloy one piece pedal body.
  • Replaceable Steel pins provide excellent grip in all conditions.
  • Low profile concave body design provides excellent comfort and feel.
  • Sealed cartridge bearing and bushing design ensures the pedals run smoothly and last well.
  • Large contact area helps keep your feet on the pedals, no matter how rough the terrain.
  • Available in 11 anodised colours, all with tough cromoly steel axles.
  • 358g per pair.

Pedal Dimensions

  • Platform width (Widest point): 100mm
  • Platform length (Longest point): 94mm
  • Platform depth (Thinnest point): 16mm[/B]

I have them in my hand now, the platform is very well designed and comfortably shaped for the foot unlike a lot of other light pedal options out there. This weighs less than some MG1s! Bearings and axle are extremely tough on this pedal too. You can’t beat it!

how long will you be selling these for? i wont have the money til the beginning of next month :thinking:
i’ll probably miss out. :frowning:
and why’re they out of stock, did you buy them all? :stuck_out_tongue:

Next month I will probably still have these. If you want you can leave a small deposit as an absolute guarantee, 5 pounds?

What colour do you want though? As I’ll have more blacks than the others.

Please pass the word on to your other riding mates, I need to sell these to afford a new wheel and setup for my frame I’m building up from! Help out an old UK trials unicyclist get back into the sport! :slight_smile:

(they’re all out of stock in the UK, because they sold out upon release almost within a couple of weeks, as a testament to the performance and value of these pedals)

I was thinking the blue looked rather nice! :wink:
I’ll definitely tell the few people i know that you’ve got these!
i’ll work out how to use paypal and think about paying a deposit, how many blues do you have out of interest? :smiley:
me being stupid here, the deposit still does count as part of payment right? :slight_smile:

The deposit? Of course! :wink:

If you want one of the coloured ones aside from standard black, I do suggest a small deposit to reserve yours since supply is limited and demand may be high.

In my possession I have several blacks, a handful of silvers, gunmetal greys. 1 pair of blues and reds. All the other colours I can get within a day from my friends’ supply in a trade for one pair of my blacks for one pair of any other colour. Coloured ones I’ll need to know in advance, and a deposit is encouraged for them if you haven’t enough at this very moment or plan to get some in future.

There is a cut-off line for the fancy coloured ones, which is 2-3 weeks time when my friend goes abroad. But a deposit any time in those weeks will secure the exact one you want.

right, if you PM me your paypal info i’ll send a £5 deposit :smiley:
I’ve sent messages to a few people i know who may or may not be interested! i’ll link them to you if i get any interest (:

They look like nice pedals! :sunglasses:

Can you send me 2 pairs for free? :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately the pedals on both my unis are sufficiently good that I cant justify £70 on 2 sets of new pedals.:frowning:

I’m not going to buy a pair from you but, if I do pedal grabs with those pedals should I remove the pins on one side? because my old Red Label pedals cracked a little bit with the pins…

keep all your pins if you want to pedalgrab. Only remove them if you grind.

Oh, I thought maybe it could break the pedal of something… Thank’s alot:)

I’d love to be able to send 2 pairs free, but my current financial situation doesn’t allow that (>o<)

if you’d like to buy one pair though, let me know! The faster I sell, the faster I get back unicycling! :slight_smile:

Deposit is sent :slight_smile:

I’d like to buy 1 par but I can’t justify the purchase after buying a Nimbus MUni recenty. Both my sets of pedals are good enough but your ones look so nice.:smiley:

I’ve got a pair and they’re damnn awesome

best purchase ive made in a long time, the pin design is very efficient because it grips way better than the cheapy screws that u get on wellgos and other rebrands. also the pins take a lot lot lot more abuse from pedalgrabs because of the way they fit to the pedal. Bearings are super tough, i killed wellgo sealed bearings within 1 month, these TRs have waaay outlasted. super comfy shape and way way way better than any other pedal ive used. id gladly get another pair if i had another uni. Wellgo MG1s are gross to stand on and grip on objects in comparison. the Echo body is really well thought out and ergonomically designed.

light as hell? 358g?!


would you ship to the US?

Yes, read your PM for details

I PM’ed you…

Replied, :slight_smile:

I AM INTERESTED. :smiley: My e-mail is