Echo TR pedals... brand new any colour

I think he gets back from japan tommorow
And unfortunately he couldn’t get any blues. :frowning:

My pair arrived today - thanks Sponge :slight_smile:


Thanks to all that bought some pedals. Sorry to those that couldn’t get the pedals they wanted. Blues were popular, sold out super fast, and getting more in proved impossible for the time being. As even the Echo factory said they were out of them.

The sale is now over. Until next time 'folks!

So did you make enough money to finance your new unicycle? :slight_smile:


Not quite, but getting there.

I’m pretty much waiting on Addict to release their CNC’d trials cranks and for someone to release any one-piece alu shelled ISIS hub. 36, or 32.

Easiest hassle-free route would be Profile, but that’s like 250+ pounds for the hub and cranks… (>o<)

echo pedals

have you a pair of the echo pedals in black colorway as i would like a pair if you do thanks james

I would not have thought so as he sold the last pairs a while back…