Echo 2011... another product

This is for the muni riders… The lever blade should be a lot more friendly and ergonomic than the 2011 Maguras and previous Echos and Maguras.

Description all on Tartybikes, and whilst it is expensive there’s a good reason since its slave cylinders are CNC’d instead of cast forged like the Magura slaves. These are again lower profile and further updated against leaking issues which earlier Echo brakes once had. If you read the features of the Echo slave cylinders you’ll see why they are specced as ‘superior’ to Magura ones. Same goes for the lever.

If you can afford it, go for it. Any brake is better than the 2005 Maguras (design fault on lever body just for starters…) and these new Echos sit at the top of the mountain now for hydro rim brakes.

1 year warranty
-Can not be used to fit Monty splitters if you’re into that junk! :wink:

They look very cool. They look well designed but how strong are they compared to trustu maguras?

shiny new products are nice, but I’m still searching for a cheap Magura to V-brake adaptor (because 35 bucks is bogus for little brackets) so I can get a brake for a reasonable price . . .

I’m not using one but I’d imagine they’re very trustworthy by 2011. Only one way to find out. Worst comes to worst, there’s a warranty and seals can be replaced.

On paper, this brake is much much better than the Maguras.

See detailed photos and discussion for a cheap hardware store adaptor in this thread: one way to put V-Brakes on Mag mounts