Echo 2010 components.. save weight, and make your uni stand out

These new Echo SL Ti pedals look and feel absolutely nothing like Wellgo MG-Tis. Totally different shape, and a bit lighter and meaner looking.

Worth a shot, the platform seems a bit wider. I held both in my hands and compared.

Brakes-wise, the older Echo brakes from 2008 and before weren’t great.

From 2009 onwards, they have been very reliable. Better performance than a Magura in many cases. The SL brake pictured is better than the TR brake (red pictured) but it’s mainly a case of the alloy used in the slave cylinders. The levers are definitely considered an upgrade over the standard Magura ones though.

Coloured seatclamps ahoy… now you can use 'em on your Koxxs and KHs… even gunmetal, turqoise, orange, purple… all available now.

Oh and thank god… anodized green

Omni seat clamps are still the lightest at 8g. I’ve had mine for a year, works awesome.

I can’t justify getting the echo SL pedals with my MG1 Ti. How do they compare to the MG1s? Is the platform bigger?

If only Echo made their SL rims in 36 holes (drool!)

Yo, Danni!

The Echo SL TIs have a larger flatter platform than the Wellgos and look a bit nicer too IMO.

What set up are you running these days? Forget 36h, if only Kris released 32h ISIS hubs! Haha, not just Echo SL rims would be open.

Ahh actually, there’s a few things I want to ask you about ordering Profiles!

Available in 160mm, 411g

Quite a bit of Q factor though.

The bearing holder bolts can be exchanged for Ti ones if you want to for further weight savings. M5 x 18mm is the bolt type.

Or Alu bolts :wink:

I’m riding a KH24 with a KH Ti hub

32 Hubs will most likely get made with in the next year or so, but I doubt the Ti hubs will follow as quickly. I only ride Ti;). I just ordered some middleburn cranks to go on it, I’ll see how they work out.

I’m kind of scared of stripping. If I can find what type of bolts holds on my rear bumper, I’ll change em up to Alu because there is little stress involved.

Ah, spec looks nice, sadly I can’t see the picture as I’m in Beijing currently… Chinese internet is censored so bad I can’t view YT, Vimeo, Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr… you name it.

Though I wouldn’t mind if you reuploaded it to the Unicyclist gallery :stuck_out_tongue:

You got rid of your trials uni though? Why?! I seem to remember it being nicely kitted out with the lightest Profile customizations and so on.

Hmm, how much did your SW seat set you back in total?

It feels so weird to see Echo make so many seatpost clamps again.

Looks like good stuff. Maybe I’ll get a clamp if I’m ording it with something else. Maybe a tire (for street), but I can’t find those anywhere anymore in North America…

Sponge! Make another post unless you like the number 666.

Echo brakes

I had an Echo brake on my 36 guni. The brake was probably made in 2007 so it may not be representative of their current design. My problem with it is that the brake pads don’t travel enough distance (maybe 3 mm) so you have to set them quite close to the rim. With the side to side slop inherent in the Schlumpf, the rim rubs against the brake pads unless you set the pads far enough away. With my Echo brake, if I set the pads far enough away from the rim then the pads wouldn’t be able to provide enough braking force to be helpful. The Magura that I got from Bryce works perfectly. I forget the exact distance of brake pad travel but it was something like 6 to 8 mm per pad. It made a huge improvement in my braking ability.
I haven’t noticed any difference between the Echo and Maggie brake in smoothness or ability to modulate the braking force.
I hope Echo has addressed that in their current line up.


I had an echo brake as well, they perform quite well for the price, I didn’t need it so I sold it to a mate that needed it more then I did…

Also these pedals are lighter with the Ti axel

How heavy are the average pair of platic pedals, I’m looking into getting very similar pedals from KONA B*kes


Those are beautiful components.

To go with your avatar?

Or unless you’re not afraid of numbers. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the look of ECHO Components, espiecialy the seat clamp and brake mounts. I want to get them :smiley: Does anyone know how well the seat clamp holds the post in place?

I want the seat clamp and the pedals I posted… haha

If I can get enough money before August I might be bale to get my mum to get them them haha

Echo brakes have changed COMPLETELY since 2006/2007. They were totally revised and have an extremely reliable and stiff design. However, the whole ‘lack of adjustment’ is part of their nature. They were designed in such a way so that they would be lower profile when mounted on trials bikes since a lot of people sometimes kick their HS33 cylinders by accident and break their crossover hose eventually. So basically Echo is designed to be more tucked away and lower profile. If you have issues with lack of adjustment… then just get the Tensile offset mounts.

gram for gram, the Echo SL brake is a nicer piece of kit than the trusty old Magura. The hoses in the Echos are reinforced and upgraded over the standard plain plastic ones Magura use.

can someone post a UK link as to where I can get a echo seat clamp

on the left side you can choose a dealer :wink:

i would try this one…

The problem that I had with my 2007 Echo brake was not one of lack of adjustment. I could adjust the cylinders closer to or farther away from the rim quite well, just like Maggies. My problem was that the distance that the pads traveled when I pulled the brake lever was too small. 2 to 3 mm max. The Maggie that I got to replace the Echo has a larger diameter master cylinder which will then push the slave cylinders and their pads farther. Hopefully, this new batch of Echos does the same.

I do agree, though, that Echos are pretty. I have the anodized green brake (for sale, cheap, make me an offer). The Maggie that I now have is a garrish bright red that makes my guni look a bit like a christmas tree. I works perfectly, though.