Lightweight customised KH24

Mmmmmmmmmmm deathgrip


Sick MUni Tony!
Can’t what to see it in person!

You can if you use a SW base or the top part of a KH Adjustable seat post.

Nice muni tony- but if your being a weight weenie then surely a single bolt seat clamp is a must.

nice Muni Tony

Looks a lot like mine!


SWallis CF base, rear bumper, handle.
Thomson Masterpiece Seatpost (80g)
KH 09 frame and rim
KH 08 Ti hub
Moments, to be replaced the Echo SL cranks when they come
MG1 welgos with Ti axles.
Duro wildlife

No, you dont ride muni. You ride Trials. Mmk?

Eiserne Hand - I used a Specialised 24x2.4/3.0" inner tube. Wheelsmith straight 14G spokes with Wheelsmith ‘Duristan BN14’ nipples (pretty standard brass nipples, I think).

James - yes you can attach a Thomson post to a (non-SW) CF base using the top plate of the KH Adjustable post and the Thomson bolts. It works incredibly well, considering that these components weren’t designed to be compatible! I thought the bolts would work their way looose, but after 6 months or more of use, I’ve never had to. Napalm, I think you were asking about this kind of setup for your 36" recently. It works!

I’ll soon put a brake on and probably will change to 165mm cranks. I’ll weigh my new muni tomorrow on a more accurate balance at work.

Hope seat clamp, smaller tyre and 20" inner tube will reduce that further :slight_smile:

Aluminium nipples save a lot of weight as well but can be a hassle building
finally all that excess string under the saddle… terrible!

My KH24 is 5.05 kg with hookworm tyre & plastic pedals for hockey :slight_smile:

Weighed the new muni at work and it is 5.6kg +/-0.1kg.

Mike I find your claimed weight of 5.05kg hard to believe. If the stock weight of a KH24 with Duro 3" tyre and JC Trailmix pedals is 7.05kg then you’ve only saved 390g! Difference in weight of tyres (weights from this page): 1495g-1250g=245g. Difference in pedals assuming that you changed to something like Odyssey PCs is 565g-420g=145g.

cool MUni Tony, now to go tubeless and use Ti spokes! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure about the Venture cranks, I think milled Moments are a better option i.e. weight savings but still strong and durable. I don’t like the Wellgo’s much either especially on a MUni, too small a platform and not durable enough.

But that thing should scoot around the hills!

I’ve been using Nimbus Ventures on my KH20 for months and they are excellent cranks. Super strong and a fraction of the weight of Moments. Unless you’re doing huge drops Ventures will be plenty strong enough. I highly recommend them.

As for Wellgos we’ll see how they go. They have plenty of grip but I may change back to my trusty Keywin flats later on.

I don’t blame you Tony, I wouldn’t either. I didn’t mention the Hope QR, Addict Ti hub or 2009 KH freeride or 20" inner tube though :slight_smile: The pedals are MKS Indoor Freestyle. Scales used were Alpine, with 20g accuracy. I’ve just re-weighed it to check (as the weight I gave was from memory) and it’s 4.91 kg. If I stripped the paint it could be 4.90 :wink:

Mike, does the Hope Seat QW hold the post in place tight enough for Muni? And what size do you get for the KH frame, the 28.6?


The QR weighs 51g but the bolt weights only 19g, so is the better option if you’ve not going to be adjusting frequently.
The size for a KH frame is 31.8mm.

Thanks Mike, I’m after on trail adjustability before weight saving.
Thanks for the info.

I’ve just remembered that they’ve recently changed the design, so it may be lighter & will surely be stronger…

Ti-Spokes are too expensive. I have never used them or buid a wheel with them because I have in memory, that they are not or hardly any lighter than thin steel spokes an not as strong as these.

Depending on your weight, I would use DT-Comp, Super Comp or Sapim Cx-Ray.

+1 I’ve beening Ventures and mine are still going strong… love them lol

A couple of guys who use Ventures here for off road have had problems with them. The lack of pedal inserts alone make them tricky to recommend instead of Moments imo, unless it’s $ driven which is fair enough.