EBay Beauties, 29er anyone?

Anybody lookin for a new Uni I found a couple promising ones on EBay including a:

29er with Kris Holm Seat, Yuni Frame, Big Apple Tire, etc… for 250 bucks right now:


A Hawthorne Uni with seats that look like the ones on John Foss’ unis!!!


Yeah, well, just wanted to alert someone to those.

Re: EBay Beauties, 29er anyone?

Hmm. I do have a unicycle or two with one of those seats on it (though not sparkly blue), but how did you know? Maybe it was the Columbia unicycle shown here:

That one has the matching seat, made by Messenger. This was the same company that made the old style Schwinn seats, which now belong to Semcycle.

Those old square Messenger seats were considered decent compared to what else was available at the time, though you can see the metal base ate through the ends just like the Schwinn seats did.

The rest of the uni looks like one a guy in the Long Island Unicyclists used to have. A solid design, but nothing fancy. Better than a Stelber, Headstrom or Troxel.

The 29er with Big Apple tire is a great road machine for anyone who doesn’t want the larger size of the Coker. Though mine now has a GB4 frame on it, it started out with the Yuni frame. I rode mine to work and back yesterday! 102mm cranks.

About your signature, is that the Mount Diablo around Danville, Ca?

Yep, that’s the one. Five of us rode it a couple weeks ago.

BTW, I live in Oakland but grew up in Danville.

Awesome. I hike Mt. Diablo a couple times a year. Since I heard about MUni I’ve wanted to a)buy a MUni and b) Ride Mt. Diablo.

I want to ride all my hikes and treks with a MUni

John, I saw that pic of your piles of unicycles when you had them all down in your garage. Some of those are pretty old-school. I also have a GB4 29er (LOVE it), it’s actually Georges old one… I like to think that makes it better :slight_smile: I was wondering though, how do you like your 102’s on your 29er? I have 150s but I use it for Iowan offroading. I can get it up to 14 miles an hours but it’s a lot of up-downs for my legs. Think I could even go shorter than 102s for flat terrain? Maybe I should get a pair of 89’s… or those 50’s… :wink:

150s are good for light MUni. 140s are acceptable for level or downhill MUni. They suck for riding down Mt. Diablo, but were good for the ride up!

The 102s are working well for the road. I’ve ridden them to work a couple of times, but I wussed out this morning and drove. What a bum. This size is good for cruising, but doesn’t have a lot left over for extra control. They would be terrible for a 100m race; no accelleration. I plan to use them for the 1500m race, and probably 125s for the 100.

I would have tried some 89s for my commute if I had them. I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable enough to cruise in comfort. Somewhere you reach a trade-off where crank shortness stops helping. The 102s were fine over all my bumps and dirt sections though.

With 102s, on flat ground, you should be able to get well up over 20mph. I’ve practiced a bit, but I get chicken as I approach my max. running speed. Don’t know how much speed I’ll be able to squeeze out for the first-ever 100m race for these wheels at Unicon…