DX Saddle Mod

Hey, I’ve decided to cut away at the foam on my DX saddle so that is somewhat similar to the curvature of the new KH Fusion Free ride. This is the first time I have cut away at a saddle before and was wondering of a good technique on how to do this. Should I just use a knife to cut away at it? I just general questions like that.

All I did was take the staples out, remove the handle and bumper. Remove the cover, set it aside. Draw on the side with a sharpy how low I want to go, for a little guideline. Grab a bread (not butter, the one with a lot of teeth and very sharp) knife, and cut to the shape I wanted. Put cover back on, and re-staple. Screw handles and bumper back on.

Finished product.

Looks a little bumpy, but you don’t feel it at all. The rips are from my friends pedals getting caught on my cover.

Edit, other people have put a cut out piece of wood in the bottom curvature of the base, to raise the foam to have it look and feel like the newer KH freeride seat.

[post=980410]Here’s a great tutorial by Maximusunius.[/post]
Helped me a lot.

hehe it looks like its very sick and anorexic and how do you do that thing where you change the name of the link?

My seat is even more anorexic.:D:D

hehe in the first one it looks all dark and depressed, maybe thats why it developed and eating disorder, because its depressed. how did you do thee thing where you changed the link???

mine isn’t a dx seat but mine is what anerexic is. carbon fiber base with a cover on it. no padding. the true definition of anerexic. it sucks to ride more than about 1/4 to 1/2 of a mile on it. but it works great for trials

An electric carving knife works great for cutting seat foam. Gets a nice smooth and even cut. Barring that, a sharp serrated bread knife would also work but not as well as the electric variety.

Hey, thanks alot guys, I’m gonna get started on that today!

That’s hardcore.

Here is the finished product. I decided to go ahead and get a new Fusion cover so I could use the old cover on another saddle I have.

DX Saddle Side.JPG

DX Saddle Rear.JPG

Bravo! Verry good. It looks exactly like the fusion seat. let us know how well that kind of shape works for long distance riding and SIF. I have a friend who is trying to decide how much foam he needs to cut off.

Maybe I am weird but I can not stand seats that don’t feel perfect in my hand. I hate bumpy foam and loose covers.


a pic of the foam.

If you want another I could take a few of my seat


Thanks. The seat feels a heck of alot better than it did before when it would make me slide and crush Baxter and McGee. My foam is bumpy because I didn’t have a good cutting tool (Small Gerber pocket knife as apposed to being killed for using roommate’s nice breadknives). One thing I am going to have to fix is the fact that I didnt’ round the corners well enough, so it pinches on one side, but it won’t for much longer. Here is a picture of the foam that I cut off.




haha, same here.

I may do this to my seat
actually, Im going to HAVE to if I take my seat apart again.

Hey, you might wanna try to cut out a ridge in the middle like the middle like the KH Fusion Freeride. I got one of those and it is increadibly comfortable. If you cut out the middle like that, please let us know how it goes.

I did it, it makes it HEAPS better, i did it w/ a dremel tool and it took like 4 hours, but its perfect :slight_smile:

Crap, I didn’t think about using a drimel. Oh well, didn’t have one here anyway. Oh, remember how I said I used the cover on another saddle? Well, I stapled the old DX cover onto a United saddle (the one that comes stock on the crappy Sun uni’s). I tell you what, if that saddle was stiffer, it would be perfect now. I’m actually gonna try to make a handle for it so I can hop easier. The cover helps cause the seat doesn’t come with one, only rubbery foam that causes much unpleasent rubbage. Here are some pics. I think it turned out amazingly.

United Saddle Top Right.JPG

United Saddle Side View.JPG