DX seat on a diet

I cut my DX seat down today and removed a little more than an inch all around. I managed to do it without having any gaps between the bumper and handle.:smiley: When I put it back on, the seatpost bolts stuck out WAY farther than normal so when I tightened them, I has to pop the tops off of 2 of the acorn nuts. :thinking:
One tip I have for everyone who does this is to put a strip of duct tape over the bolts to hold them in place. It isn’t fun to remove some of the staples and cram your finger inside to push a bolt all the way through again.:o





mine has a nice pretty groove in it now… its way more comfortable
and i always use pliers to get the bolts back through

I did mine too, but I have a KH Fusion cover instead of the DX cover.

Put a washer or two or three under the acorn nuts and you won’t pop the tops off.

Congratulations on the seat mod. It’s a rite of passage for unicyclists. Can’t be riding on an unmodded seat.

what did you use to cut the foam, and how do you cut it evenly and straight across? Also, did you the the excess off the top or bottom? (it looks like probably the top)

So to put the cover back on, you just used staples as it was originally?

I used a serated bread knife that was about 10 inches long. I used a permanent marker to draw a line where I was going to cut it and sawed away carefuly temporarily making sure that I was staying on my line. I cut the foam off of the top because it won’t work any other way. I then used a scissors to round the edges a little bit. I rounded the edges in the middle a little bit more to make it more comfy to hold.

If you’re asking if I used the staples that were on it when I took it apart, no. I used slightly longer staples because I had pulled a couple of the old ones out.

I’d have to say that the 07 KH Freeride saddle is an exception. :slight_smile: It’s “pre-modded” to optimal goodness.

How nicely did the foam cut with the serrated knife? When I cut my KH Fusion saddle, the smooth edged knife I used was much cleaner than the serrated knife I used. The serrated was faster, but tore small chunks of foam off…

An electric serrated carving knife will give you a nice clean cut with most foam. I used an electric carving knife to mod my KH foam and it gave a nice smooth cut.

And future generations of unicyclists will never get to experience the joy of modding their unicycle seat foam. <sad>

Fortunately there are other seat mods that can be done. <happy>

It wasn’t completely smooth but I didn’t tear chunks off. it had more of a wood grain texture to it when I was done but it was not visible at all through the cover.

i just finished making my LX saddle into an air saddle. it is comfy.

Yeah my lx air saddle is the best. I almost (well actually I do) wish there was a way to put it on my kh 20" because of how much comfier it is than the fusion street saddle.