so ive been doin some pretty intense trials riding for last few weeks… about 3 hours a day at least, most times more. i had a cheapo 24 in that i upgraded and rode till i realized i needed a real uni… so i up and got myself a dx

as i have been one wheelin it for years the trials progression is goin pretty quick for me… 4 foot drops, 270s, and alot of SIF practice…

now i knew when i was buying the dx it was no top of the line trials uni but from the feedback i got on here, i was pretty sold…
well in the short time that i have been riding this i am realizing that i could have made a better investment

dont get me wrong this thing works, and nothing has failed on me. what bothers me is

1.the bulk to the redesigned frame. there is more than enough clearence… which can only be adding to wieght and also higher to get the feet on.
2.the pedals suck… 3ish weeks and they are already losing solidness… they shake and it is noticable while riding
3. the seat is very thick and is difficult to hold for a long time, making seat out not easy to learn… the seat is nice and soft, but not really needed for trials

this is my first trials uni so i am learning. from what i hear it has a pretty good hub and wheelset, so thats somethin

but in my own opinion there are better choices, after i spend 40 on a seat, 30 on pedals, i coulda just spent a little extra and had a lighter frame and a choice of colors

im not really worried or bothered about this enough to proofread this shit… just needed to rant a bit, and if this actually helps anyone that reads through it, all the better

anyone got any advice for me to upgrade this guy cheap…?

also it the seatpost on the 5 foot torker not as strong? or even the same size? i kinda think that would be a bad idea

just found this, gonna give that a go before i go spendin more cash

I was about to say that, becausae I did the same to my seat, but put the staples in by hand and with pliers. Coulndt find my staple gun.

The pedals, mine are doing fine, and thats after doing countless pedgrabs, grinds, and from falling all over rocks and concrete. You can get Kona jackshits for a cheap price, I got mine for about 15 dollars, and they are holding up nicely, but I use them on another uni, not my trials. My friend also bought the konas for his uni, which he does trials on, and he loves them, very grippy, and sturdy.

I cant help you with the frame, but you shouldnt mind too much about the clearence or the weight, because, for one, clearence isnt too much of an issue with trials, they arent made for freestyle, where you would want less, so you just gotta get over it, and the weigh difference shouldnt be much, from the added height of the frame.

You can end up buying a cheap Nimbus II frame for about 52 dollars, that what it was for me with shipping and everything included. Or just keep the tank of a frame that you are riding now.

Al in all, the DX is a very nice solid uni, the wheel set will hold for a long time, and everything else has been good for me, except I had the 2006 frame, but replaced it with a Nimbus II.

i <3 JackShits.

they are the best.
when my wellgos, well, go, i intend to put the jackshits i have lying NIB on my desk on with grindplates.

hehe, i made a funny…

moving onwardly:
i have some on my MUni and they work like magic.

i LOVE them.

I love my dx. i put my tx seat on it and i am going to get a rounded crown frame and after I do all that it will rock

my DX rocks I have had it for about 5 months?? … i gave it a new paintjob this past weekend
it looks like a new uni
but its also an 05 model = cheaper :slight_smile:

why in the world would you WANT a rounded crown frame??

For trials and Muni, you dont do much of foot on frame stuff for both of those.

“2.the pedals suck… 3ish weeks and they are already losing solidness… they shake and it is noticable while riding”
Sounds like the’re just loose. Take a monkey wrench to 'em and tighten 'em up. Get a Nimbus frame when your torker snaps.

He has the 2007 frame, I doubt they will snap.

If it does, just go with the Nimbus II. Lighter, stronger, cheap, and less clearence, but a good ammount.

Oh, silly me! silly, silly me! silly,silly,silly,me!

no not loose… i may be new to trials but i surley am not new when it comes to using a wrench

that rattle is where the pedal axle goes threw the berings
i try to keep the (oh duh) comments off of threads best i can hahha

i give the wellgos till winter… by then the bearings (i say this only as i have gone threw plenty of pedals on bikes) will be starting to freeze and be gritty and catchy

tho i will be hoppin on the board by then so i shouldnt have to worry about them till spring…
just putting up my review… why put cheap pedals on what is a pretty nice uni

Thank you for answering this. I don’t do much street only when i ride with some one. you can put grip tape on the crown and it works. I mainly like it better because you don’t hit your knees as much

can’t you take off the end cap of the peddel, and tighten the little nut which makes everything tighter so it doesn’t rattle?

i deffinitly agree with this… pieces are braking off on me

More exspensive pedals = more exspensive uni…

I have my own perference in pedals… the dx shouldn’t even come with pedals cuz I aready have a nice pair.

BTW… Wellgo’s are cheap turds, I threw them in the turd box with some other turds

My friend and I both got the DX about seven months ago. We both broke the frame at the fork and broke the pedals from pedal grabing. I sugest getting the bedford frame. I got Jim c’s and he got primos they both work but I like the jim c’s because they arnt concaved.

i my pedals are cracking, my seat stiffener plate is broken and my frame is breaking at the weld
its still a pretty good uni

I like my unicycles to not do that.

i have a DX, nothin wrong with, did a four foot with very little rollout and its fine, did a five foot with good roollout and all is good. im not sure if i like the pedals tho