DX '06 or '07?

well, i currently own a 20" torker cx, and am starting to get into trials riding. i want to buy a trials uni and have heard that the dx is good for its price. im worried at all about frame breaking issues as i weigh only 85 pounds. i was just wondering if i should buy the '06 model now, or wait for the '07 model to come out. does anyone know when it will be coming out (before '07 or at the beegining of the year)? will it be more expensive that the current model? any help would be appreciated

get a nimbus 20 inch trials either the 36 or the 48 spoke whenyour 85 lb a splined uni especialy a dx ist too heavy and overkill

i would consider that but i want the uni to last a while like when i get a lot bigger.

as long as you dont bend the hub i think that square taper is better than splined because the cranks are cheap so you can abuse them as much as you want and when they bend a new set is like 20 bucks
instead of like 80 for splined ones and the dx cranks are impossible to find id get a nimbus with quax wheel if you want to go splined its a bit lighter and you wont have to deal with bike store people overcharging you on dx cranks which are too short for trials anyway

one thing is that i really hate rounded crowns. another is that im 12 so im very broke and 260 is absolute tops for me.

i cant edit my posts but i would like to buy only a standard uni.

I’d get the $180 Nimbus, put grip tape from a skate shop on the crown. When you bend the cranks get a set of Blackwidows, then when you break the axle get a KH-Onza or profile axle/crankset.

Or just get the DX and if you break the frame they will send you a new one since there’s a lifetime warranty on it. You might want to get longer cranks. I know you can get 150 mm but I’m not sure of any other sizes. Ask UDC.

Also you could put a 2.1" tire on your 20" and work on tecknically hard riding instead of big drops and save up for a KH.

Get the dx, you may need to replace the frame after time, but thats a cheap 40 bucks for a yuni. The Dx wheel is so strong. Though you may be 85 pounds now, you will get heavyier, Dont get square taper.

I agree with Evan, from your weight, you are probably 12 right now, and you will get bigger really quick.

Getting a cotterless hub will just be a waste, get the DX. I am not exactly sure when the 07 DX comes out, but just get the 06 version, the frame has a lifetime warranty, so keep the paper and youll be good to get a new frame.

Or buy the nimbus II frame for a replacement and begin to customize your trials uni.

thanks for all the advice! i think i will go with the dx so that it will lst me a while and i wont have to buy a new uni for some time. just one more question, does anyone know if torker will replace a frame breake on the '06 model with the '07 frame? or just replce it with the same frame?

get the dx… thats what i have and it doesnt break… idk when the 07 is coming out but i know the 06 is good

ok thanks guys iev made up my mind, and im going for the dx!

good choice:)

i asked unicycle.com what was a good cheap trials and they mentions the dx

are you getting 06 or 07?

well im only 12 so if i earn enough money in the next couple monthes then ill go for the '06 but if not, theill wait and go for the '07. i have a bunch of jobs lined up though, so ill probably end up with the current model!

what paper?

They send out some manuals and stuff with the Torker unicycles, one of them is a warranty booklet, I would recommend to keep that, and all other official papers that come with it.

got mine from UDC… it came last week… no warranty paper. just the torker “how to assemble” booklet, and all the udc papers/stickers…

well i dont think it matters that much cuz i know that torker is really good about that kind of stuff.

Worry Not

I would not worry too much about the frame braking. I am on the cusp of 200 lbs and my DX is holding up just fine after 10 months of abuse. It is a GREAT uni for the price.