DX '06 or '07?

I don’t recall you introducing yourself in the “LURKERS: Introduce yourself.” thread, garyWpope.

For now I will assume that your username is the same as your real name…others may not be so lucky…


my dx frame cracked a week ago and i took it to the shop i bought it at, the new frame is in transit right now, i’ll let you know if they sen me a 05 or a 07 frame on monday (week from tommorrow) when i get it back. i hope i get 07. the dx is a tank, i ride downtown pretty hard at least once a week for about 15 months now doing 5+ ft drops and i weigh 175-ish. the pedels suck, but everything else is great…(i was even riding on the pretty bald original tire). it is kinda heavy, so if you aren’t looking to do big drops, mountain trails, or jousting with cars , then you might want to consider a lighter frame.

Why does everyone hate the DX pedals? I’ve had mine for quite a while and done many drops, plus the uni has fell on the pedals many times and theres no problem with my pedals at all. They also give me the adequate grip I need.

they are already sending out the 07 model so dont worry about which one or waiting

the pedals do suck… search and you will find out why over and over