Duro Wildlife vs Intense DH

I just started running an Intense DH 24 x 3 on my Nimbus II, I also have a Duro Wildlife 24 x 3 on a KH.

The difference between these two tires is significant, so much so that they really should be marketed to different populations.

The Duro is more of a trials tire, has a larger casing, softer sidewalls, similar to the Creep Crawler. It is very soft and compliant, puts down a wide patch of rubber, a great tire for soft features and light riders.

The Intense has a much stiffer sidewall, a narrower profile, which makes it faster than the Duro, a little twitchier, and more supportive for big riders.

My 100# son hates the Intense, but loves the Duro. I’m more of a Gazzoladi lover, so I like the Intense better for trails and think of the Duro as more of a trials tire.

BTW, the Intense barely fits in the old Nimbus II, but would have no problems fitting in the new Nimbus with brake mounts.

The Duro is about a 1/4" wider than the Intense.

Do you mean the other way round? (i.e. Intense wider than Duro?)
The Duro fitted easily in the old Nimbus II frame I had (indeed it was the default tyre on a Nimbus muni) and has the same clearance on the new one with brake mounts. Unless you mean the top clearance (rather than side), where it had more on the old frame than the new one.

I really like the Duro (26"), but it would be interesting to try something else.


I have a Duro in 26X3 and an Intense in 24X3. When both are mounted on a DX32 rim I would say that the Intense is wider but the Duro is taller.

The big difference to me is in casing shape. The Duro is a tall round tire and the Intense is a shorter squarer tire. The Duro does have stiffer side-walls and I believe a harder rubber compound. Not sure about the harder compound but I prefer the Intense for its shape and stiffer side-walls. The Duro on the other hand handles better on pavement.

Not sure how wide the rim is on the nimbus but if the KH rim is significantly wider it would also make the tire mounted on it wider. Maybe that is why you are coming up with the Duro being wider.

So which is stiffer? I’d be quite interested in trying a different tyre on my 26" even though I like the Duro (very solid and puncture proof on the rocks, but handles nicely for the fast bits). Something a bit lighter but just as fat would be nice. The only other 3" tyre I’ve ridden was a 26" Gazz, which I thought was really nasty (but it was on a LM rim, so ridiculously heavy and tractory).

My old Nimbus II muni came with a DX32, the newer ones have slightly wider rims (unbranded, but they look like the older undrilled KH rims), but not as wide as a new KH I don’t think.


Yeah, I forgot about that. The Nimus rim is only 42mm, the KH is a 47mm. still it’d be very close. The Duro is significantly softer all the way around, sidewall, tread, not that it isn’t a fine tire, I just prefer a firmer sidewall since I weigh 200#.

The frame fit is pretty tight, too tight really. The Nimbus II comes with a Kenda 2.6 OR a Duro 2.6, not a Duro 3.0 like the KH is outfitted. The new frame is wider, available in mid November per UDC.

I’m running the Intense a little firmer so that I don’t rub the frame, ~ 20#, but I’d prefer to run it lower like 15#, but I need to wait for the new Nimbus frame.

I think the Intense has more lateral stability, so holds an edge better, but it sacrifices some traction on hard surfaces, maybe a lttle less squishy as well. If I was riding slickrock I’d prefer the Duro, but for single track dirt, roots, etc… I like the Intense better.

Does Intense make the DH 3.0 for the 26" wheel size?

I 'd love to see the Intense DH in a 2.6 for the 29er. A 3.0 would probably be too heavy.


Sorry, I meant the Intense has stiffer side-walls and a harder rubber compound.

Thanks Rob for pointing that out.