During and after Naucc 08 discussion thread

So yeah… the first day was awesome. I did muni in the early afternoon and then hung out with the street gang till this evening. UNI was especially fun and I landed all the tricks I’ve done before in the 2 tries allowed except a treflip :(. I also landed a switch 180 unispin, my first. It was cool meet a bunch of you guys in person and other people not on the forums. I cant wait 'till tomorrow and am excited for the rest of the week. So yea, this thread is to just chat about this week and whatever.

P.S. I’m jealous of the pool that you guys have at the Ramkota:D

Its all going pretty awesome so far, I’m having a great time. I actually still haven’t registered yet so thats kind of got me worried, I don’t know how to take care of that.

I did upload some of the shots from the mini photo shoot I did with Spencer And Jon at the skatepark though. Expect more as the week continues.

so I guess I didn’t see much of you guys, I was at the muni thing untill it was over then I went to the trials setup and rode some trials with Phil’s gang…

Was there much going on at the skatepark? I never made it over there heh.

this thread makes me wanna cry:(

Yeah, the 2 games of UNI we had were pretty rad. Plus, it was fun sessing with everyone. We also had a pretty sick ramkota party lol.

Same man. I wanna be out there so bad.

Seems like this year is less structured than other years. All I ever hear about NAUCC is about the races and freestyle and stuff.

Also, whats going on trials-wise?

Spencer, your uni looks sick! Awesome :smiley:

I wish fun for everbody that’s attending NAUCC… I hope to attend next year!

Pics from today

Last night Trials

Street from today

More from the Street today!

Any info on results?

Kelly Hickman placed first in trials and high jump (he actually tied the world record for over a bar) and thats all we know so far.

I filmed all of the expert street and flat competitions and I’ll be uploading that footage soon. I tweaked my ankle pretty bad repeatedly attempting to grind a 7 set in the street comp after totally bombing my first run. I can barely walk so I won’t be riding much so it should give me plenty of time to get all these pictures and videos up.

To be completing honest, I was expecting something much more grand from NAUCC. Its all been pretty low key with almost no spectators and everything has been really unorganized. The street competition should have been at the skate park.

And heres Kelly finishing up the last trials line and taking the win. Please note that he did it all with plastic pedals. Odyssey Twisted PCs.

Wow I had no idea Kelly was a sidehoper. And so good at it, what did he get?

That pic might be the best uni pic I have EVER seen.

Thanks, I really appreciate that. If anyone wants higher resolution versions of any of these pictures for desktop backgrounds or anything just send me a PM. I’ve got them up to 2304x3456 pixels in size.

There was a pretty short intense storm that rolled through at about the time we were trying to start the high jump. Heres a shot of the clouds approaching just before it hit us.

But because they’re orange they have more grip. Just like skateboards go faster when you put stickers on the deck.

Don’t you know anything Brian?:p;)

Did Kelly have to jump from there to the roof? or was he on the way down?

Yeah, to the roof. Forrest Rowell and Max (not sure of his last name) tied for second. They both got all but this last line.

EDIT: There was a tie breaker actually but I’m not positive who won it. I think it may have been Forrest.

One of the lines was hopping up the fourteen set to the top of the big platform and dropping down to the roof of the car. The platform was super sketchy and would wobble and bounce as you rode it but that was probably my favorite line. Heres a shot of an unknown rider making the gap, sorry man I didn’t catch your name.