dude rode a 15mm wheel

Now this really may have already been posted. (I’m not sure- I’m on a sidekick it takes longer to look at things) but down a ways is a guy on a unicycle with a 15mm wheel. Its dope.


that link didn’t work for me

here’s the pic. anyway

That has to be hard. Dude shaves his underarms but not his face? Must be getting styling tips from Harper.:smiley:

ya I saw that on tv in japan while I was at my girlfreinds house. there was a whole tv show on unicycling. I couldnt understand what they were saying though.

Peter Rosendahl has a web page. It mentions some of his records but not the latest one for riding a uni with a 15mm diameter wheel.

Here’s the text that goes along with the pic:
Guiness Book World Record holder Peter Rosendahl of Sweden, best known as Unicycle King in the world, performs with the world smallest unicycle with 15mm diameter wheel in Hong Kong Friday, July 8, 2005. Peter broke the Guiness World Record of riding the smallest unicycle with 15mm diameter wheel in Germany in June this year.

Congratulations again to Peter Rosendahl! He has set a long list of Guinness records over the years, including the 100m sprint, which was previously mine.

He worked for several years at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. I have a coin cup from there that shows him posing with his sideways zig-zag giraffe.

Peter was the first-ever men’s artistic unicycling world chamipion (1984).

It was interesting to read about his connection with Langenberg on his web page:

“Peter´s unicycles are sponsored by Langenberg: The German specialist for highend Indoor + Outdoor bicycles. Together they developed the PETER-ROSENDAHL-UNICYCLE as a highend modell for world champhions.”

I have a Langenberg unicycle hanging in my garage, but I have not heard of the Rosendahl version. Unfortunately the linked Langenberg web site seems to be under construction.

The craziest thing is that I stumbled onto this picture when I was looking up a projected path of hurricane dennis. Really bizarre cuz how many unicycle pictures are there just randomnly like that. Pretty dope.

Imagine How Slow That Would Be!!

thats the smallest giraffe unicycle ive ever seen

That’s probably a record as well!

Riding a tiny wheel is really hard, even if it’s geared up to move at a higher speed. One of the biggest problems is finding a riding surface that’s hard and flat enough for the tiny wheel to roll on while bearing all your weight.

I’ve ridden a tiny giraffe with a 11/16" wheel (about 20.6mm). It had much larger pedals/cranks, and a higher seat. But it only worked on hard linoleum, formica or a metal riding surface. Everything else was just impossible micro-MUni. The uni I rode had been featured in the Guinness Book (USA) in 1985-6, but not we me as the rider.